flow of life

Life Is a River That Flows

God said:

You do understand that life is a flow. There are not really separate days. Life is a river that flows. You float on the stream of the river. You bob along in life. You do really and truly deep down know that all days flow together. You know you give names to that which cannot be held in place. You repeat, "Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…" You repeat, "December 26, 27, 28…" You and the world make imaginary identifications of the stream of life that flows right past you as you keep bobbing along.

The Gates Are Open

God said:

Everything is in motion. The gates are open. There is a flow to life. There is a flow to you and a flow to all of life. You do go down a stream of life. You might as well go merrily, merrily. And, yes, life on Earth is but a dream. It is one moment of a dream that continues. It seems to go on and on, your dream of the life you lead on the dimension called Earth.

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