Sitting with God

God said:

Sit with Me now, and tell Me what's going on. You are My child, and I will listen. Or We can look at the blues of the sky and the background the sky provides for the clouds. How comfortable they are with each other! Neither the sky nor the clouds feel crowded by the other. How comfortable they are side by side, or the clouds on top of the sky, or, seen from another angle, the sky on top of the clouds. You look upward to see the sky and clouds. If you could look from above, you would see the sky on top of the clouds. They are close, companionable, and compatible.

So much of what you see depends upon where you sit, and so I invite you to sit with Me. We can say that I see, simply see, from no angle at all, whereas you see varying views depending upon where you are stationed and the window you look from. We can say that I see from a window that has no sill, no mulleins. We can say that I see from a pane of glass the size of which the Earth has never known. From the Vastness I see from, there are no angles, beloveds. There is simply boundless vision.

Yet you view life and the world from varying angles, and so your perception changes. Your perception depends upon the angle you see from. Therefore, you have varying vision, and you sometimes see close and sometimes far. Some of what you see or ascertain confuses you. Often it varies considerably, and confusion sets in.

One day you like something, the next you don't. One day you see a threat, and the next you see a smile. Your thoughts jump around a lot. It's not their fault really. In your case, it depends upon your view of the day. Your view may be overlaid with your mood, someone else's opinion, or the past. It is unlikely you will see far when you look out from a peephole.

Imagine yourself sitting with Me in Heaven. How perturbed would you be by what perturbs you now? What would bother you at all when your vision would extend as far as Mine?

Let Me say it this way: When you see from the frameless window I see from, do you really believe you would see any of the moiling matters you see from your present perch?

I hear and listen to your reports from Earth, and I understand that you feel varying ways depending upon your view at that moment. In too many cases, beloveds, you see littleness instead of the Light I see. Is that not the case? And yet sometimes you do see from the open window I see from, and now you will see so more and more.

You won't bother to count the details, and you will not be stopped by them. You will not form your opinion based on the little things. You will skip over the little things, as it were, and see past them, and what will you see but Wholeness?

Even now, in a sea of daisies, you are not seeing withered petals and stepped-on stems or brown leaves fallen to the ground. You see the daisiness of a field of daisies, and what you see is beautiful.

Come now, beloveds, come sit with Me, and see the world the way you see a field of daisies. See the Wholeness, and love it.

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Very beautifully powerful...

Very beautifully powerful... not surprising really :-) Thank you

see the Wholeness

There are some key words or key concepts for each one of us in HL. Every time I find myself in an unpleasant situation I am learning "to look at the sky", in this way I disengage from the pettiness in front of me; when I relate to someone I do not like, I shift my attention from this person to Humanity, I " see the Wholeness" and I love it. Seeing from the Sky and neglet all details works magic. I am training myself in this way.

Emilia, Incredible! I like


Incredible! I like the way that you illustrated this truth within the confines of your own life. Yes, I need to do this too. After a tense situation w/ someone, I tend to focus on all the tiny details, intricacies, etc. However, in 10 years, will it really matter? Most times, it won't. So why allow myself to be so bogged down by an individual? There are tons of individuals that make up humanity. Seeing the wholeness, we then realize, this is just "small stuff." Focusing on the bigger picture, shifting attention from this person to humanity, what a profound thought. Thank you for sharing. I needed your thought today.

Our thoughts are powerful and creating our next precious moment

A sea of daisies

To behold a sea of daisies is a breathtaking sight! Yet, Maestro, what's happened to
all the wondrous roses, the daffodils, the peonies? I stop, though, because you're
saying to see the wholeness of things. In heaven, without time, flowers do not wither
and turn brown around the edges and die. On Earth, in time, everything does and everyone
does, too. So called friends here mock you. Even relatives. They don't look like
a glorious sea of daisies. They look like the frail creatures they are. Daisies stay fresh
and shining where you are. We can't wait to experience what timeless heaven is like,

Dear Mary Moon, I like your

Dear Mary Moon,

I like your comments. If I may, I'd like to flip the coin just a minute and look at what you share from another angle... those that mock have great purpose. In my life, they've made me think deeper and have more sound reasoning within myself. I believe those that mock are on one level of growth in that particular area, but they may have high levels of growth in other areas. Sometimes those that mock, in time, become some of the most beautiful Daisey's : ). Also, the wholeness, with the daisies, when viewed collectively, the brown edges are not that noticeable anymore. Given time, I believe all will be like the beautiful Daisies both collectively and individually. Just my thoughts. I enjoyed your heartfelt comments.

Our thoughts are powerful and creating our next precious moment

Dear God, Yes, I would like

Dear God,

Yes, I would like to come and sit with you for awhile. I am sure that seeing from your paneless window would be like having my eyes opened completely. However, God, can I handle seeing things in all truth and with such clarity? I believe that my illusions would all be shattered. Concepts like us vs' them would be shattered, and realizing that I really have no enemies except those I create in my head for myself. Walking in such truth God would take much bravery. I'd have to stand completely accountable for my own thoughts. It sounds amazing God, but also a little scary. Am I ready for such perspective?

Dear Child,

The angles which you see from now limit your view and thus your growth. To expand and grow, you must be willing to see truth. You are ready child, take the step.

Love, God

Our thoughts are powerful and creating our next precious moment


Today I've been sitting all the time with You. Today was my exam for get the past behind and sproud love where it was resentment before. I have tried to find in my heart enough love to give whom wanted near kill me in the past.. Well, not so easy, but I was sitting with God, just there, and just for a bit my thoughts told me "it isn't right finish this moment so easily", just for a little bit. Then the hand of God got out my love and showed me the peace inside. Yes, I said, I'm sitting with You now. And everything flowed.

A question, please: where is the caution side? I think it isn't where sitting with God; here there is only peace and lightness. But all people I know told me I'm fool.

Dearest Pitta, I'd like a

Dearest Pitta,

I'd like a moment to try to answer your questions from my own heart. I'm not thinking that I have your answers, but the answers to your questions that ring true for me is that all of life is like an exam or a school. The cool thing is that failing an exam is just another learning experience in and of itself. As for caution, I agree that sitting with God one can toss caution to the wind. When sitting with other people, we listen, we hear, we show our love and compassion but if the spirit within feels a need to recoil there may be a reason for that. Whereas, I feel we are all one, we are all not at the same place, and sometimes we need to use our care. Whereas our enemies as shown in a post Heaven Letter are really figments of our own creation, it is wise to move in and out of relationships that are beneficial to us or where we are to help another with care. When your heart says "caution" listen to it as it may sense that this is not the right relationship or the right one right now. That doesn't mean the other is not okay, good, or fine. It means possibly the combination of your energies are not going to complement each other at this time. Again, if this answer does not feel right within you, please disregard it.

Our thoughts are powerful and creating our next precious moment

Desertrose is something else!

When God takes a form I'm not used to I'm prompted to look real close. I did and right off I discovered a KNOWER in Desertrose. She's only been with us three days and now comments like her time with us has been forever. WOW, it just occurred to me, she has.

George shaking his head in profound silence

Souls continue to meet

Souls continue to meet through time and space. We are all one. I like you too George : )

Our thoughts are powerful and creating our next precious moment

Desertrose is something else! To know you is to love you

Sweetest, thanks for telling me that you read my comment. You're sweet to read!

George feeling community

My baby sitter was cool

Sometimes He pretended to be my sisters, and occasionally my folks but most of time time God and I played HOUSE and enjoyed each other.

George in a crib

I like Emilia's idea of "key

I like Emilia's idea of "key words or key concepts". And what I like even more is her implication that they may be different for each one of us. Words and concepts that touch you, stir you, jolt you, push you out of old molds (or at least try to).

For me, it's things like peephole or daisiness or from no angle at all.

If You, dear God, see from no angle at all, doesn't that mean You are seeing from everywhere at once? Amazing idea. And if You see from everywhere at once, doesn't that mean You are everything? Sometimes for the tiniest fraction of a second I see that everythingness of nothing at all from the nowhereness of everywhere. And I am all of it. It feels like the breathtaking freshness of perception of so many years ago and makes you want to pray, which is odd when praying is not in your repertoire.

Anyway now there is Your invitation: sit with Me. You want me to see as You do, sky in the clouds, close, companionable, and compatible. You seem to trust I can, You seem to trust I will see so more and more. Wow. The daisiness of a field of daisies that is seen from a certain angle out there but fellt from no angle at all in here is not an abstraction. "Humanity" usually is, the peephole view. Daisiness is not what's left when we skip over unsightly things like withered petals and stepped-on stems or brown leaves fallen to the ground. Lovable humanity is not what's left when we skip over the things that aren't so lovable. For what does this innocent looking little as it were say here? I believe it says that when you see Wholeness, when you see from no angle at all, there will be no skipping over, there will be nothing to skip over, you won't even be able to think of skipping over anything. You would be looking, looking, breathlessly.

a fly on a magic carpet

When you shift your attention from a daisy to daisiness and from a person to humanity you shift from the object to the subject, you enter in the mind of God or within your very self and you catch the idea behind its manifastation. When you see the Wholeness you see the Original Idea, where daisiness and humanity have also their place, like ideas within the Great Idea. It is like understanding the Genius behind the complexity and the marvel of an ancient carpet intertwining, the finesse of His design. No need to skip over, you are right, "there will be nothing to skip over". I will take a fly on this magic carpet of life.

a fly on a magic carpet

Emilia, what you write is more than the mind can comprehend. We all drink with wonder and love. You move us.

George moved more and more

A divine sequence

I love the way you focus our attention, Emilia, on how we can shift our attention. I love the sequence, here, of this letter and the comments. We shift our attention, we change our perspective to one that is more expansive, our awareness then grows and greater awareness brings us closer to our Truth.

Jochen's comments blew me out of the water

The way you write is so powerful that it affects the way we see. Thanks sweet friend!

George rubbing his chin

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said imagine
What you see is beautiful
Of boundless vision

God said Beloveds
Now tell Me what's going on
And I will listen

Love, Light and Aloha!

I looked again!

The love I felt was coming from those darling Haikus! Thnks honey

George trying to learn to hula dance