The Splendor

God said:

Believe it or not, We, you and I, are as close as peas in a pod. We are nestled so close in this pod of the Universe that you may not have seen Me or felt My Presence. You, even though you may be nearsighted, simply may not see that which is right in front of you. I think you get blindsided. You get distracted. Your attention pulls away from Me to something else. But even that is all right, you understand.

Your eyes will clear soon. All will be revealed to you. Nothing will distract you from the revelation you are about to have. Horses cannot keep you from it. What I say is true, and it is true for you. It is true for everyone who reads these words, and it is also going to come true for those who do not.

This has all been built in to the cosmos. You may wonder why you have not seen before. You seemed to need a little stroll, or even a long one, in the park of relative life before you feel able to quite open your mind and heart to see what is right in front of you. You have been somewhat hesitant about what you call the future, somewhat timid, even fearful about it, as if you would be besieged by something you are not quite equal to. Perhaps you have thought you are not quite equal to My grace.

Beloveds, I have never withheld My grace from you. Why would I? Why would I even think of such a thing? I am a Giver, not a Withholder. I am not miserly, stingy, or a hoarder. I am simply a Giver. I do not know anything else. I am not a taker. I am as far from taking as love itself, for love — true love — requires naught but to give and give and give. I give you everything. I urge you to accept the bounty I put before you. All I give was given before the onset of illusory time.

You are like an heir who somehow didn't get the notification that he has been left a fortune. That is not My fault, for I have sent you the message many times over. Besides, in any case, I have no fault. Of course, you may feel differently. You may feel I am at fault for having started this whole Universe and for having planted you in it.

Beloveds, when you do not see clearly, you see amiss. And have you not seen amiss? Have you not been splendid at that, splendid at miscontstruing? Even expert at it? Expert at seeing what is not and not seeing what it is? You have made this mistake on many levels, but let's not speak of this anymore. It's not going to matter one whit the moment fast approaching when you open your eyes, your mind, and heart and see what has been forever and ever. You will more than see. You will know. You will say, "Ah!" and be reconciled with yourself and your place in the beautiful world I created.

You will know the beauty. You will be amazed at all that you somehow had missed seeing before. You will exclaim: "How could I not have seen all this magnificence before? Where was my head? Where were my eyes? What was I doing?"

And then you will stop all wondering, ruing, and all that sort of thing and simply take in the splendor. There will no longer be a past anyway. You will be immersed in this singular splendid moment of Eternity.

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God, good morning.

God, good morning. The sweetness of Your words is soaked up by this early bird who still has a - waning - tendency to lapse into doubt.

I have certainly seen amiss, and I have resented Your planting me in this Universe, but it's getting better since I met You again in these Letters. My heart longs to have faith again, and horses will not keep me from it.

I am not one who tends to rue but I certainly wonder. The one thing I am still unable to understand after decades of intense searching is, Why can ego get so strong that it keeps you from the fulfillment of your deepest and truest yearning so endlessly? I try to rationalize that it makes "me" that much stronger, but it's not convincing any more. Enough is enough.

Your words are very good news for me. Yes, nothing is going to matter one whit the moment I see what's in Our pod.

God is ever so happy with

God is ever so happy with you, Jochen.

The splendid moment of eternity

This darling writer states: "God is not a taker...", but HE really is! He regularly takes my breath away by HIS grace, HIS beauty, HIS boundless creativity and stuff like that.
Of course I jest in simplicy. This writer hits the nail right on the divine conscousness of my soul.
This writer helps the readers of the world to behold and release the "imprisoned splendor" that lies or is dormant in each of us.
Such writing come once in a lifetime.
It illuminates "this singular splendid moment of Eternity."
George, taking a NEW look

My lifetime I've spent

My lifetime I've spent seeking God! The PULL was ALWAYS present. And yet there is a time when I lost faith. There was a point on the road of life where I found myself totally spent, I believe I had given up in many ways because I could not handle the continuous failings. LIFE always seemed TOO BIG for little 'ol scared me. So I winged it for many years. That does not work. NOTHING DID until I found HIM. Now I am safe! Now am I free. Now He teaches me. The ego cannot keep HIM out. The ego dissolves in His Presence. How to be in His Presence? The best way I know is to let my guard down and allow HIM to enter.
He leads me into rapturous wonder. NOW am I finally GLAD to be ALIVE and part of the UNIVERSE made by HIM!

HIS LOVE envelops us all, Jochen I am you, you are me, come and be free!

Johanne, basking in calm serenity travelling on streams of Light, seated on the Wings of LOVE!

How happy I am for you,

How happy I am for you, Johanne.
And how happy you will be for me.

Spending the real life

Johanne you write so sweetly: "basking in calm serenity travelling on streams of Light, seated on the Wings of LOVE!"
Your words were like a healing balm to many hurting hearts trembling in the fear of failure.
You found HIM! To know HIM is key to a full, bright life like yours. Your words rang true and sweet in all regards.
George hoping for a breeze from those wings of LOVE

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said like an heir
I give and give and give love
To you My true love

God said We You I
Simply take in the splendor
Of Eternity

Love, Light and Aloha!