Imagining the Full Sunshine of Awareness

God said:

I have no need for patience. You might say that there is no one ever who has or had the patience I have, for I created the Universe eons ago, and I still wait for simple peace all over the world. I also wait for you. In this lifetime of yours, you may say I've waited sixty years for you to begin to open your eyes to Me and that you are amazed by My patience, among other things.

The fact is that I am not patient at all. I don't need patience, and I don't have it. You do need it, and often you don't have it. You need patience because you are impatient. I am neither patient nor impatient. I have no anxiety. Although I am eager to have you full-center, there is no issue of patience or impatience when it comes to Me.

First of all, you have to remember that I am out of the urgency of time. Time does not exist for Me, so there is no urgency or emergency. There is no hurry and there is no delay. I do not feel any need to huff and puff. I do not get out of breath.

Furthermore, I am possessed of all My faculties, and that includes awareness. In My awareness, I am well aware that you will have full awareness before a cat can wink its eye. The way I see it, beloveds, you are already fully aware. Only you have played a little game of hiding the full sunshine of awareness from yourself.

Beloveds, I see what exists. I do not see what does not exist. In that sense, you have more imagination than I do, for I am incapable of imagining all the lacks you do, while your imagination takes you to many places that do not exist except in your imagining and your acceptance of them as real.

Use your excellent imagination to your advantage. Imagine what it will be like when you do conceive that the full light of awareness is yours. Imagine this. Imagine it right now. Play with it. Enjoy it. You will enjoy it. It will be more than a pastime. It will be revelation.

Let your thoughts be on this revelation rather than on so many of the heartaching thoughts your mind has been on.

Imagine this. Imagine that the full light of your awareness is worth a billion dollars and the meandering thoughts you assail yourself with are worth less than a penny each. How long will it take you to discern a good bargain when you see it?

Just imagining that you have the full sunshine of awareness right now has to be worth at least a million. Imagining will do very well right now. It will hold you in good stead, and I will be very happy indeed.

Just think, if you imagined you were swathed in the golden light of My love, how good that would feel. How magnanimous you would feel!

Just think, if you imagined you were made of the golden light of My love and you were not anything else but that golden light, how would you feel? Swoon in that idea, beloveds.

Just think, if you imagined everyone in the world were filled with this same golden light, who is there that you would not hug?

Just think, if you imagined that anyone who did not have this same golden light, or who did not have the awareness of it that you do, would have it instantly just by being in your presence, then what would that do to your picture of yourself in the world? How might you stand then?

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golden light

Dear God,
How interesting that it is more thrilling and easier to imagine lighting someone else up with your light than it is to imagine being it. How very very beautiful ,thankyou.
much love Nancyx

Light is invisible

Nancy Darling:
Light can only be observed reflecting off an object.
How nicely you do this very thing lovely one.
You light my spiritual pipe
George not even smoking

Just imagine THAT

This darling writer take us where few have every really gone before.
This gifted person writes: "Time does not exist for Me" speaking of God.
Where does this imagination take us?
To HIS lap, to lean against HIS breast.
To see and be this, takes us to that place of being "swathed in the golden light" of HIS love.
How sweetly this writer open the door to the SECRET GARDEN of HIS essence being
formed in us as we romp barefoot through our place of getting to know us.
George the barefoot player.

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said feel that swoon
That full light of awareness
Who would you not hug

God said just think love
Picture yourself in the world
Imagining love

Love, Light and Aloha!

Hi everyone We are all

Hi everyone We are all Beacons of God's Light go let it shine bright Luv Daisy