Radiating Energy like the Sun

God said:

I would like to talk about the world as an apple in My hand, a most beautiful rosy red apple, radiating energy like the sun, radiating My energy like the sun. I hold this apple, and I adore it. I set it in motion to twirl, and so it expanded itself, and now the round apple of the world holds you. I hold all in My hands. I hold with love. Not one speck of life on the world is without My love. The world is an apple of My love. The world is the orchard I have planted. I gaze adoringly on My orchard. I am well-pleased.

You are the fruit of My seed that grows. The beautiful beasts of the field have been braced with limits, yet there is no limit on their love. You have been blessed with no limits. You are the field of all possibilities. It is to you I gave the whole range to roam on. I named you the leader of the land you live on. I bequeathed you the world to make of it as you will. There were no ceilings put on you. You can go as high as you like. No limits for you. You are so busy that sometimes, as bizarre as it is, you forget the love you are made of. You forget to love. You look into eyes and do not see. What do you see when you do not see Me? What fiction do you see? What do you not see, beloveds? What do you not see?

My awareness of you and what I created when I created you is great. I put you in charge, so great was My awareness and confidence. I have not lost My confidence in you. It is you, beloveds, who may have lost your confidence.

I would give you back your confidence. Where did you lose it? Rather, where do you think it is gone? I never took it away from you, so where did you put it? Is it hanging out of your pocket? Did you leave it on the dresser along with your keys?

Your confidence goes hand in hand with your vision. If only you would know what I created when I created you. If only you would have a glimpse. Never mind that then. Will you have confidence in Me? Will you confide in Me and accept what I give to you now and what I gave to you long ago? Will you say:

"Dear God, sometimes I am forgetful. Thank You for reminding me of my heritage from You. Thank You for reminding me that I am not lowly as I seem to see myself. You think highly of me. There are those who do not. Yet You, the King of All, see me as a Holy Being. I would like to regain my eyesight. Lend me Your eyes so that I may see as You do see, and so that I may be as You deem me to be on a par with You. I admit that sometimes I cannot get my hands around this, and so I feel I exist in a small corner of the Universe, and that I am not of much value at all, if any.

"So now You ask me to simply believe You. How can I not believe You, my One God, the God of All? And yet it has been so easy to forget and so easy to let my vision stray far from Yours.

"Even though today, as yet I do not see with Your remarkable eyes, I will remember and I will look further, and so I will see You everywhere smiling at me. I thank You."

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Unleash Your Power
Heavenletter # 8 Published on: November 24, 2000
God said:
It has been said that We are One.
And you say, Yes, yes.
But you don't believe it. Not for one minute do you really believe it.
You see differences between Us too vast to reconcile.
You know that I am not going to alter Myself. I am not going to become more like you. I am not going to adopt your ways. Well, then, you must adopt Mine. We will decrease the division between Us. You will become so close to Me, you will be adjunct. You will blend into My way. You will see no other.

Dear God, Chuck has called yesterday's Hevanletter™ "bittersweet", and it is. They all are, and for me particularly this one of today is. Loving your words so deeply, feeling enthusiastic about them, reading them breathlessly, resonating deeply with their truth and yet not feeling You, not sensing You, not seeing You -- this cannot be anything but bittersweet, do You agree? From Your words, You just have to be there. But where are You? If we are One as You say, this is not a question that makes very much sense. Yet I could say, "Yes, yes" a hundred times every day and really mean it and still not believe You. This is a rather strange state of affairs, to put it very mildly. You have said You never hide. Does that mean I don't want to see You? Me?

I would give you back your confidence. It is good to hear this. I'll just listen and wait some more. At least I'm not quite as desperate any more as I used to be. But I'm not just "sometimes forgetful". I don't remember ever knowing You. It's a mystery that I can love Your words. Can't be in the words alone, right?

God possess me more

Raditate more light in me , my God the One and only.
I thank You for the land you have given me to possess.
May I share it with the rest, so we would all become perfect in You.
That we all would become the rightgeousness of who were suppose to be.
Thank You for the seed you have planted upon this earth. Thank You Oh gracious God for trusting us to lead.To bring Your Light and Your Love to all the world to see.
May you SHINE Your face upon us as we go.
Thanks so much for guiding us on our way.
I say this day to the lover of my soul, yes I say it LOUD
that one day every knee will bow . One day soon, every knee will bow. And every one will cry out to You save us Lord save us now.
You have given us the Land to possess and this is ours to keep watch.
Lord just as this fleshly body,you have place Your spirit in , help us to remember that we must Love You first and everyone you have given us. That as we meditate on You and give you first place in our walk, that is when the seed you planted with in us will grow and grow and become strong and we will know that you are always with us and that if you are with us who can be against us.
May your Kingdom come soon.May your will be done on earth,as it is in heaven.
Yours, O Lord, is the greatness, the power, the glory, the victory, and the majesty. Everything in the heavens and on earth is yours, O Lord, and this is your kingdom. We adore you as the one who is over all things

Radiating Energy LIke the Sun

This HEAVENLETTER takes our breath away! Our Mighty God's Heart is at the
center of everything and everyone! WOW! NOT ONE SPECK OF LIFE IN THE WORLD
IS WITHOUT GOD'S LOVE!!!! Today this is somehow sinking in!

And so today I am asking God, "Dearest God, lend me Your Eyes today that I may
see the loveliness of Heaven everywhere!" Perhaps I'll see everything radiating like
the Sun!

Thank you, Mighty God!

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Will you say:
"Thank You My One God of All"
And "I believe You"

God said there you are
And you are the field of All

Love, Light and Aloha!