Listen to God with Your Heart

God said:

O, beloveds, how do I convey to you My love for you? I am good at conveying My Love, so what I am asking is how to help you feel My love, know My love like the back of your hand, and absorb all of it into your conscious awareness. Right now, right this minute, My vast love is focused on you. I soak you in a bath of My love, and I never take you out. And yet you know it not. And you feel you are alone without protection, and all the time I am at your side. I am more than at your side. I am within you and I am outside you. I beam out from you and I beam into you. My love beams to and from the fount of you. You are truly a fount of My love, and you know it not.

Your mind races and leaves the heart of you behind. Stay your avid mind a moment and listen with your heart, for I talk to you, and I would love you to hear Me as I speak to you of Our Love, for We share love. I have shared all of Mine with you, and now I ask you to share your love with Me and with everyone else.

Your heart is a flower-basket of love. The flowers in your heart are not meant to wilt. They are meant to be handed out, first come, first serve. Then this magic basket of your heart is automatically refilled. This was all decided long ago.

In elementary school, you were taught to save, to put pennies in reserve. With love there is meant to be no reserve, spending only. And no limit. No speeding limit either.

Pour out that love. Let it go. No matter where you give love, you send it out to the Universe. In fact, hurry up. I don't usually tell you to hurry, yet now I ask you to pass out those flowers from the basket of your heart. Give them out to everyone you see. Surprise the throng.

There is no one within your radius who cannot use your love. No one. This is so because not enough love is being spent. Otherwise, everyone would be full of love. And yet no one would mind more. You just can't give too much of it.

Now when I say give, I mean give. I don't mean to give and hold back at the same time. I mean to give freely, no strings attached. Where someone else's love goes is not your concern. What someone else does with the love you hand out is beside the point. Your love is yours to give out, and give out you must.

Remember that you can give anonymously. What that does is keep you from expecting a direct return. And it keeps the other person from having to show gratitude to you. In any case, all the love you give comes from Me anyway.

It's a funny thing about love. When someone receives love, they have to give love out. What is happiness but giving love out?

Yes, happiness is love. Happiness radiates. Love radiates.

Picture yourself with rays of love and happiness radiating out from you. See how far those rays radiate. They reach those you know and those you don't. They reach the known and the Great Unknown. Those rays you emanate reach far, as far as to reach Me, and all I can say is, Thank you, beloveds. Thank you.

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To be love and to give love:

To be love and to give love: what a mistery is hidden behind these words. We seem to be so acquainted with love and we continue missing the point. Love is the key of heaven, we have it, but we do not remember where we have put it. Where is my love, what is its shape, how is its smell, how can I recognize it. I can only sit now and be quiet, stop asking, stop searching, stop wondering, stop looking all around for my missing love. My burning desire to have my love back will lead it to me, love will come on his own and I will recognize my companion. Is my love hidden in that desire? I think so for You keep inflaming my heart with Your Word.

Listen to the VOICE of God's Love

Some letters seem to have a unique beautiful melody that sings as you read it. This is one of those unique, special letters. Read it a few times and soak your consciousness in it, but don't try to fathom it's deep meaning. The meaning has to filter into your silence as it changes the way you see the FATHER'S love pouring into you as a bouquet of beautiful flowers!

We are told to give out the love as though it were something you can give and take or do. I find that love is not something you can do. It is something that you have to be; it's a vibrational thing that sings the real melody of who and what we are in our FATHER'S home of love.

The loving close to this Letter says so wisely:

"Picture yourself with rays of love and happiness radiating out from you. See how far those rays radiate."

You own beautiful song, unique to yourself will ring out and bless the world. Thanks darling writer (receiver).

George singing in the rain most often

"I'm a Little Tea Pot"

This letter from God and your response George , reminds me of a song we all probably remember from or early childhood days.
"Im A Little Teapot"
I'm a little teapot, short and stout
Here is my handle, here is my spout.
When I get all steamed up, then I shout
Tip me over and pour me out!
I'm a very special pot, it's true
Here, let me show you what I can do
I can change my handle and my spout
Tip me over and pour me out!
God often reminds me I'm am just like this little teapot.
As He pours His love out on me and fills me up,
I am then to pour out this very same love on others.
Even when I give love to someone who doesn't acknowlege love or who has a hard time returning or giving love, God is always so gracious to send some-one else to me that will give me His love .
I find that when I need to be loved I must give love.
My dad was not an affectionate man but I knew He loved me. And I was there for with him on his dying bed pouring out my love on him. It wasn't an easy thing to do, But God has taught me how to forgive and to love the unloveable. And He has showed me that it all starts with forgivness.
May we all come to the understanding that we must forgive everyone who has hurt us in this journey we are on.

Sweet little TEAPOT


Your magic words of love pushed the spear of love clear through my heart.
To forgive as you suggest seems hard and far away but it really is the work of the Spirit when we invite him to tip us over and pour us out.
It's obvious that you were steaming today. thanks sweet one!

George on his second cup of tea already

Your so welcome

George your words are so important to each and everyone you respond to. I see you are an encourager not just to me but everyone who comes in here. May God continue to shine His face upon you and be gracious to you and continue to give you words that prove His love in and through you.

Ciao George. Now I go to bed

Ciao George.
Now I go to bed (it's 10 pm here) and I want say you "hello fantastic George!"

Pitta Darling your word Ciao makes me meow and purr

Your hello makes my heart melt!

George needing heart help

Thanks to You God of mine,

Thanks to You God of mine, thanks to You.
And if we "are truly a fount of My love, and you know it not", please, remember us, so We could Enjoy all togheter. Wash our eyes, please.

Pitta Darling your words are my real fortune

Sweet Pitta you help me find the fountain that will help quench my thirst. Thanks honey

George wipping his chin

Love and the economy

I feel like I’m a broken record, but I just have to say it again. Wow! What a fantastic letter and what wonderful comments!

I feel like there is an ongoing dialogue going on here and it moves and develops. A give and take between us and God, as if God is peeling back the layers of the onion of Truth for us in response to our questions and the concerns we voice as we read His words.

When I first read today's letter, I took God's questions as rhetorical. But after reading the comments that followed, something clicked and I saw the letter as asking us certain specific questions. A few days ago, I complained on this forum that God was not giving enough help in following his suggestions. Perhaps God is asking, here, for our input.

God said: "O, beloveds, how do I convey My love for you? I am good at conveying My love, so what I am asking is how to help you feel My love like the back of your hand and absorb all of it into your conscious awareness." When I ask myself the questions that start this letter, it seems to me that I need reassurance. I guess you could say I have spent a life time "worshipping" reasoning and knowledge. I have never before questioned the value of studying history, the sciences and every other reliable source of knowledge I could find. Are these studies and their insights just an "attachment to the past" as some letters phrase it? Am I being directed to ignore what I have viewed as a lifetime's accumulation of knowledge?

Let me relate my experience browsing in a bookstore this afternoon to better illustrate my uncertainties. I noticed a couple of well written books about past recessions and the great depression. My intellect was saying: “Buy this and read it. This will give you better insight into handling your 401k and your retirement planning.” Another voice within me said: “What need do you have to worry about money? Have you not always been taken care of in your life?” After debating for a number of minutes, I put the books back on the shelf, but still I wonder if I am misinterpreting……Am I not supposed to be a good steward? …..Or is this just a rationalization?

God said, today: “I soak you in a bath of My love, yet you know it not.” Is my worrying about my retirement account evidence of this? It seems so to me…..but still I can’t seem to help wondering…..Chuck

Things we have always wanted

Things we have always wanted to know about, and now there is finally someone who dares to ask.

I remember there are several Heavenletters that state something like: "Read whatever gives you pleasure, but don't take it so seriously." Knowledge is wonderful -- unless we pursue it to be (literally and figuratively) armed and armored. Knowledge tells us nothing about Reality (God's spelling) and nothing at all about Oneness. Personally, I feel that scientific or historical or philosophical knowledge does not tell us anything really important. But of course it's fine to love it.

Yes, I'm quite sure that worrying about our retirement accounts (and a few other things) is evidence of our not knowing love. But let us not use that to criticize ourselves. Again, it's how we grow. One day something that seemed obvious until then starts looking a little doubtful. Don't tear your insurance policies etc. yet. But yes, the time will come.

Jochen sure has a way with words

We earthlings have to gargle with God water to come close to this kind of wisdom and you don't seem it even have to try. You help us know what we already knew but didn't know we knew it. Thanks precious Jochen

George with his thank hat on backwards

Heart vs intellect

The love that flows out of my computer monitor as I read everyone’s commentary and poetry is a delight. And, Jochen, you sure do say a lot in just a few words. Your comment prods me to dig deeper into the core of what I am trying to put into words, above. You say, or perhaps quote: “Knowledge is wonderful -- unless we pursue it to be (literally or figuratively) armed and armored.” In my example about the stock market, my motivation was primarily about protecting my savings in these uncertain economic times. This is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg, though, so let me generalize and broaden the discussion.

It seems to me that, being souls living a physical experience on earth, our mind must constantly navigate in two realms, you could call these realms the “intellectual mind” and the “heart mind.” Of course, we need our intellect, and it is being developed as part of an over-all Plan, but it is subject to error while we are being shown that the heart is not. As Shakespeare said: “Here-in lies the rub.” It is so hard to know when we are using our intellect well or allowing it to run rough-shod over our heart. It seems there is no limit to what we human beings can rationalize when we are of a mind to. In my experience, loving commentary and interaction, as we are pursuing here, helps get beyond our blinders by helping us see ourselves through the eyes of others on our way to learning to see ourselves through the eyes of our Creator.

These Heavenletters and these forums create a process of helping us to replace our old habits of belief with a new, more loving awareness. This process, at least in my life, is fraught with uncertainty and a feeling of sometimes being profoundly unsettled. Thanks to all who lend their hands……..Chuck

Dear, so dear Chuch, have

Dear, so dear Chuch,

have you ever seen "The Lion King" ? First the deception, then guilt; the return begin when you see your Father and belive Him; the final encounter between the two lions. There are much examples (I love cartoons!) but remember what God said in a Heavenletter: You have to accept yourself like you are and love yourself like you are, no more efforts. So you can love. Don't doubt. No more "what's wrong?"
And I think that if you can ear the two voices in you, yes I think you are already in the return road, next "king's rock". Yes, certanly. Very soon it will be only one.

heart versus mind

"Listen to God with your heart" not "learn from men with your mind". Like you, Chuck, I have searched everywhere, sometime enjoing it and other times, at school for istance, hating all the stuff we were imposed to learn. Now "I am sick of mortal kings". Are we?

Another divine magician

Darling Emilia your words take me to wonderful places. Thaks

George smiling from a magical wiplash

Converbelt consciousness was Chuck's idea

Chuck, you have a special way with words that amplify what we have just read but could hardly see because the glory was sort of concealed in the dialogue that flowed over the threshold of our new rising tide of elevated thought..

You poke our mind in such a way as to shows us God's conveyer belt as something hidden at birth and revealed by a sort of slight of hand that makes concept appear in such a way as to switch on the light just the right way. Thank wise Chuck.

George blinking in wonder

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said let love go
Send it to the Universe
In fact hurry up

God said love rays reach
The Known and the Great Unknown
Love radiates all

God said Beloveds
O yes happiness is love
Love giving out love

Love, Light and Aloha!

Hula Hoop says the impossible so clear

Darlingl Alohalight:

Your words startle and bless, not just for now but for always!

George beguiled by the love you share

And thankyou beloved God,

And thankyou beloved God, thankyou.
Nancy, enjoying handing out the flowers of love.

Thank you God for giving us

Thank you God for giving us George who, on your behalf, bless our words.
Good night