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Listen to God with Your Heart

God said:

O, beloveds, how do I convey to you My love for you? I am good at conveying My Love, so what I am asking is how to help you feel My love, know My love like the back of your hand, and absorb all of it into your conscious awareness. Right now, right this minute, My vast love is focused on you. I soak you in a bath of My love, and I never take you out. And yet you know it not. And you feel you are alone without protection, and all the time I am at your side. I am more than at your side. I am within you and I am outside you. I beam out from you and I beam into you.

Something Really Wonderful Today

God said:

There is something I would like you to do for Me today. Will you do it?

I am not going to tell you ahead of time what it is. I am going to leave it to you to know at the moment what it is, and then to do it. Is it understood that I am leaving it to you to discover and to you to fulfill? In other words, do you understand that I rely on you to take care of your share of the world today?

Love Overflows

God said:

The use of money tends to become a rote thing.

The energy money represents has often been forgotten. The receipt and use of money may have become like a race, only you've forgotten where you are racing to. Caught up in the race, you run in many directions. Where you run to is no longer in sight. Running seems to have taken precedence over what and where and why and perhaps how.

Today do something with money that you have never done before. What can it be?

Fill up parking meters for those whose meters run low.

Leave a dollar on the sidewalk for someone to find.

The Field of Beingness

God said:

Do you begin to see how being is giving?

When you just are, you can only give.

When you are thinking or owning or in fear, you can only withhold.

When you think about giving or not giving, there has been a stop in your giving, or a pause in it.

Yet what you feel, you give. If you are in fear at a given moment, you give fear.

When you are at peace, you give peace.

Who Is the Helper?

God said:

Refrain from others' pain, and you will have less of your own. There are many things for you to partake of, but another's pain is not one of them. You are not grander for taking on another's pain. That is not your role, although many of you have made that your role. You have thought of your role in another's life as solver of their pain, but that is not your role to fill. You cannot solve another's pain. Remove one thorn, and they will find another. Each must learn whatever it is that he has to learn.

You cannot feed the whole world. You cannot instruct the whole world.

You Are a Simple Peddler

God said:

God is a sentinel.

I blow the horn of life. Once sounded, it reverberates through the universe. Indeed, it brought the universe into being, and the perpetual sounding keeps it going. You are part of the creation made from My call. I summoned you. I summon you still.

Once played, the note of you continues. You are eternal. You are the sound issued from My lips, and I continue to hum you.

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