listening to God

Beyond Earth's Horizon

God said:

Here I am, right here, looking into your eyes and you see Me not. I lift up your eyelids, and I peer into your eyes, and you see Me not. I enter your eyes and go inside them. I give you My eyes to look through, and you see Me not. See Me now.

All right then, trust in that which you do not see. Believe in Me. If you cannot believe in Me, believe in what I say to you. I say what I say with all the love in My heart and the Universe. Have even the tiniest bit of belief in what I speak to you of. I speak to you of all that is.

Listen to God with Your Heart

God said:

O, beloveds, how do I convey to you My love for you? I am good at conveying My Love, so what I am asking is how to help you feel My love, know My love like the back of your hand, and absorb all of it into your conscious awareness. Right now, right this minute, My vast love is focused on you. I soak you in a bath of My love, and I never take you out. And yet you know it not. And you feel you are alone without protection, and all the time I am at your side. I am more than at your side. I am within you and I am outside you. I beam out from you and I beam into you.

What God Says

God said:

You learn. You grow. You come closer to Me. And, yet, at the same time, you still hold on to the appearances of life and are so tied tightly to them.

You Are Very Bright

God said:

Live up to My image of you, for My image of you is Truth.

You have no choice, beloveds, or rather your choice is to be truthful or your choice is to be unfulfilled.

A Child of Mine cannot be what you tend to think he is, or that you think you are. You could not be more mistaken.

I hold fast to the Truth of you. You were made in My image, not as a picture of Me, not as imagination, but as the Truth of Me. This is not a colored-in image of you. You are a pure reflection of Me. Not imitation. Not exaggeration. There are no broken lines.

From Where Love Comes

God said:

Don't mind so much that thoughts flit in and out of your mind. That is their nature. They will be gone soon enough anyway, and others will fly in to take their place. You don't have to keep your train of thought.

Sometimes you think that your thoughts hold you and the universe together, but it is Being that holds the universe together. It is Being that holds everything together.

Surprise and Wondrousness of All Kinds

God said:

Listen to Me, too, once in a while, or often! Let Me be your counselor.

You may have thought of Me as a consoler, and yet consolation is too little to give. Giving consolation says that you have been wounded or mistreated to one extent or another. The implication of giving consolation is that something is the matter and that you then deserve and require consoling. What you really need is to move on.

Open to God

God said:

You ask for wealth. You ask for health. You ask for ease. You ask for this and you ask for that. Now ask for Me. Ask for God. Now turn your attention to Me.

You are in the habit of saying to yourself throughout the day, "Now I want lunch. Now I want something to drink. Now I want a break."

Today throw in, "Now I want God."

You do want Me, don't you?

Oh, what that expression of wanting will put in motion! It is nothing but the truth, that you want Me and you want all that I bring. So say it. Say it to yourself. "I want God." See how that makes you feel. See what gifts that opens.


God said:

I am the Father of Goodness. Goodness is innocence. It is not acts, although innocence may reveal itself in acts.

Innocence is listening to Me. Innocence and listening to Me are the same. Innocent is the heart that listens to Me. All hearts are innocent, but all hearts do not listen to Me. They listen to other things, and those other matters cover up the heart's innocence. Clever is not wise. Innocent is wise.

You Are Made of Stardust

God said:

How can I not be pleased with you? I see well.

It is you who is not pleased with yourself.

It is you who finds fault, not I.

If you did not find fault, you would not make fault.

Let go of fault, and you will be more of what you are.

Oh, the glance of fault — let it go! The superiority of fault. No less superior is the fault you find in yourself — let it go! Enough faultfinding! It leads you nowhere.

Be a joy-finder. Be pleased. Be pleased.

Laugh at yourself a lot.

But do not mock yourself.

Make yourself true.

Let God's Answers Come to You like Quiet Snow

God said:

How do you know when a thought that comes to you is Mine or yours? No bell goes off. No light flashes. No angel appears to point a sword to a sign that reads "God's thought" or "individual thought". And so you try to discern and make life harder than it need be.

Sometimes you just know, and sometimes you simply don't. But when you do know, it is not from analysis.

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