Beyond Earth's Horizon

God said:

Here I am, right here, looking into your eyes and you see Me not. I lift up your eyelids, and I peer into your eyes, and you see Me not. I enter your eyes and go inside them. I give you My eyes to look through, and you see Me not. See Me now.

All right then, trust in that which you do not see. Believe in Me. If you cannot believe in Me, believe in what I say to you. I say what I say with all the love in My heart and the Universe. Have even the tiniest bit of belief in what I speak to you of. I speak to you of all that is.

You may think I have a fantasy. Beloveds, I have Reality at My fingertips. I have no need to fantasize. I certainly would not make up stories to tell you. I tell you the Truth of Life.

You are perhaps nearseeing rather than farseeing. You are perhaps shortsighted. If you look only at what is obviously right in front of you, you are not seeing far enough. Come closer to Me, and you will see a greater horizon. You will see beyond the horizon. You will dare to venture beyond Earth's horizon.

Horizons beckon you to what is beyond them. Horizons are beautiful. What they beckon you to is more beautiful. Horizons are just a preview, an allure, a simple street sign pointing you in a direction you already want to go in. Is there somewhere better? Is there somewhere as good as where I point you to? Do you have somewhere else to go?

Actually, I cannot point when all is Wholeness. I can only remark upon it. There is nowhere to point to.

I hold Myself high, and I hold you high. It can be said that I reverence you. I see clearly. It is you who does not. What do I see before Me? I see you. I see the Vastness of you. You are already beyond the horizon. You are already where you fear to go. You are already where I am. You only think you are somewhere else.

Of course, you have proof of where you think you are. You have a street address. You have a house number. You have a map.

My address is not so precise. My address is Heaven. My address is Everywhere. Eternity, Infinity. Here. Now. There is nowhere where I am not. And you are never anywhere without Me.

We have always been together. We have never been apart. And yet you know it not. Oh, you may have the words, yet not the awareness.

We are on more than the adventure of a lifetime. We are on more than the adventure of an eon. We are on an adventure for the long haul, although there is nothing long about it. It is an instant. If time were measured in Eternity, it would be only an instant. And yet We keep having that moment. It is Ours. It is Ours forever. It is Ours, this moment, always. It is Our moment.

We travel a concourse, as it were. We travel in the same spot. We stay still everywhere and yet in no spot. We freefall and tumble through the Universe, and We don't move at all. We are vibrant. We are not static, and yet We stay still.

What can We be but Divine, beloveds? If I am Divine, you are too. And I am Divine, and so are you.

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Every morning, when I wake up, I go to my terrace and observe the greenery, palm trees and the thousands of birds flying and singing in the wonderful garden in front of me.
And I say to my Self, the Lord God within me:


And I feel realy good.
I send my love to my HL´s Friends.
Be Happy!
South Spain

Beloved Herminio, how

Beloved Herminio, how blessed it is to hear from you!

"Oh, you may have the words,

"Oh, you may have the words, yet not the awareness."
I bet the awareness or experience is too vast for the words we have.

If I am Divine, you are too. And I am Divine, and so are you.
I love these Heavenletter affirmations!

Just what I was thinking too

Heaven Admin:

What you see is what I get!

George really get's it thanks to you

Beyond Earth's Horizons

Dear Mighty Creator,

Today I shall say that because YOU are forever at my side and even within my heart
that my address is not what I have thought. It's not the precise address I have
thought, it is Everywhere, it is Infinity, it is NOW and there is Thine Own Divine Love through
and through me, which by your Grace, Peace and Love, I do acknowledge as Ever Present.

Today I shall still my mine frequently, find Thy Peace, and rest in that Eternal Serenity.

Today I know We together are Vibrant, Divine!

It almost seems too good to be true, yet I KNOW IT IS SO1

Mary Moon talks through my eyes

Mary, isn't it fun to ride this merry go round of Life's insights?

Your beautiful words help me see what I have seen! Thanks

George rubbing his eyes

I get the point real clear

Sweet One you repeat HIS mind by writing: "Actually, I cannot point when all is Wholeness."

What a thought! To think is to blink in wonder at the glory. So the FATHER'S address is: "Everywhere. Eternity, Infinity. Here. Now."

Can we grasp this deep stuff? The wonder in my heart is a thunder in my consciousness as it wakes and shakes off the sleep of earth things.

He adds: "We have always been together. We have never been apart." I laughingly grab the handlebars of my heaven tandem and say:

"YOU Said it Father!" I feel bathed in love!

George zipping through eternity's magic kingdom

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said proof of you
We be Divine Beloveds
You the Truth of Life

God said where I point
We travel in the same spot
In Eternity

Love, Light and Aloha!

You're Fun Alohalight!!!!!!

What a travelling partner God gave us in you!

George looking for the next word of light