Surprise and Wondrousness of All Kinds

God said:

Listen to Me, too, once in a while, or often! Let Me be your counselor.

You may have thought of Me as a consoler, and yet consolation is too little to give. Giving consolation says that you have been wounded or mistreated to one extent or another. The implication of giving consolation is that something is the matter and that you then deserve and require consoling. What you really need is to move on.

From your point of view, when something is the matter, you feel wounded, and so you look for a nurse or doctor to fix your wounds. Consolation doesn't fix you. Consolation may add fire to the wounds. In any case, be not a needer of consolation. There is a lot of consolation around, and now I ask you to move beyond consolation.

There is much more to life than what you have already experienced. Now you are on a new tier of life. Now you stand on a high mountain from which you see a greater vista. You are on the cusp of a grand adventure. What is life but a grand adventure? Is there something else you want life to be?

Part of adventure is not knowing exactly what will happen. Adventure is venturing out from where you have been. You cannot stay where you have been and venture out at the same time. You cannot stew in your own juice and still set out to seek your fortune. You have to turn in a different direction.

Free yourself from the past. Buy beautiful dreams like necklaces instead.

Have you not had enough of the past and all the attention you give to it? I know you would like to greet the spirit of adventure, and I know you are well able to, and that you will venture forth of your own accord. You are not going to wait for someone to give you a push. You are not going to wait for a flood of some kind to move you on. You, moved by your own urgings, put a knapsack over your shoulder and set out for your adventure.

Beloveds, even when you travel the same route to work, know that you are on an adventure. Today is not yesterday, and yet what today will bring may be astronomical. Even when you sit in the same chair, you can be open to the new that is to come. Regain your spirit of adventure. I know you can do it.

Just think of it, beloveds. The world is being presented to you today. There are a million possibilities that may present themselves to you. For one thing, there is a sky over you, and a sun that wants to come out. There may be rain that wants to play with you. There may well be love looking for you to accept, and love from you eager to express itself.

I am trying to light a fire under you. I am eager to have you cast off the lure of the past and take a chance on life.

If your life has become humdrum, draw a bigger picture. Imagine a bigger vista. Stop strolling down Memory Lane, and follow the arrows that point to Surprise and Wondrousness of All Kinds. Past or now — which do you choose? You know what I want you to choose. Yes, I do want you to get out of the arms of the past and step into the Great Adventure that is before you.

Beloveds, you can't miss it. All you have to do is to take a step, and the step begins with your thought. Just step out here. Don't mince your thoughts. Don't mince your steps. Leap, beloveds, leap your thoughts!

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I do not know of any other way to describe this than purely inspirational. This is the purest sensation of inspiration I have experienced in forever - and every other experience is compared to this as muddy waters are compared to the crystal clear mountain streams.

Wow! I am speechless! How magnificent!

I have got to read this

I have got to read this Heavenletter again and find all its treasures, as you did!

Surprise and Woundrousness...

My God, this message is for me...
I know that He knows everything about us, and I have realized that all the messages are for all of us, in any time.
Yes, I want to be in NOW, but the past has made a lot of sorrows, and it is difficult to leave everything behind and go ahead, following my dreams, dreams of my soul...
Since I was a little girl I have been always forced to do what others want (parents, husband..)
I have a great feeling of freedom, but I am still a prisioner of family, waiting for the time I have done what I had to do with them and follow my way... my destiny... with the humanity, with the world... I think the main mission I have is with my family, and so I think I must wait...
So help me GOD!
Fernanda (Mar Real)

And you, too, speak for so

And you, too, speak for so many of us, dear Fernanda.

There is more I want to say, but I would like to hear what other Heavenreaders have to say.

What does Mar Real mean? I know you live in Portugal. I looked Mar Real up on a language translator, and it said something about the sea. Is Mar Real where you live?

Please tell us more about you, dear one. How did you discover Heavenletters?

God bless you.

With love,



I loved to be able to receive this inspiring words

Thanks to make my more beautiful and full of significance.

Was incredible to open this page, and found so much LOVE

Gratitude is what I feel


Beloved Claudia, it makes me

Beloved Claudia, it makes me so happy that you just subscribed to Heavenletters and will receive them every day in your email. And I see you are from Brazil! Welcome!

Please tell us how you found Heavenletters!

Mar Real

Good evening Dearest Gloria,

As I am Portuguese but living in Marbella, Spain, for the last 10 years and for ever (???) I can translate Mar Real: Real Sea.

The funny thing is I don´t know where this place is located, and Portugal is a very small country...
May be Fernanda can explain to both of us...!!

All the best for you, Dear Gloria.
Be Happy!
Marbella, Spain

Possible translation of "Mar Real"

I am not fluent, but it's also possible that "Mar Real" may translate into "Royal Sea."

Thoth aka Jeff
Richmond, VA USA

Heaven Letters - Mar Real

Dear Gloria, Dear Ones,
I have received from someone (I belong to several Lists) a Heaven Letter in portuguese, and I loved immediately. I have found in the bottom of the message the address to subscribe, and HERE I AM!
And I am very happy to be with you. I hope it will help me in my journey.
Mar Real is my cosmic name. I am an eagle of Sananda. Do you know?
And when I feel , I put Mar Real with Fernanda... Mar means sea, yes, and Real means Royal.
Do you like it? I hope so!
With my love
Fernanda Mar Real

Beloved Fernanda, Yes, we

Beloved Fernanda,

Yes, we have a beautiful lady who translates Heavenletters into Portuguese. Her name is Vera.
The only thing is she cannot translate every day. If you would like to see all the translations she has given to us from the goodness of her heart and her love for God, come here:

If you like, you can also respond to her in Portuguese under her translations if you like. Or anywhere on the forum. Some day Heaven's technical angels say we will have a web site in every language we have translator angels. When we have a Portuguese website and later a forum on the website, then we can have many people who post in Portuguese.

Right now we have the Spanish web site up but without a forum. All these things take a lot of time and work. So first more international websites and then, hopefully, we can add the forums.

When that time comes, we will need people like you to oversee the forum, Fernanda.


Dear Gloria,
Thks for your attention. I will contact Vera...
I hope to be useful someway, someday, for this Great Job from here, Portugal!

Querida Fernanda, Fico feliz

Querida Fernanda,
Fico feliz de saber que você está apreciando as traduções das Heavenletteres! Comentários como o seu nos animam a continuar fazendo este serviço com amor e alegria!!!
Um grande abraço,


Glorious letter. Thank you! I will try to follow the many signs that point me on, and surely this letter is one of them!

Which Laurie are you? Are

Which Laurie are you? Are you Laurie from Chicago?

In any case, God bless you, Laurie, for being a sign for us.

The beauty of your Heaven Letters

A short note to let you know how beautiful, uplifting, inspiring, and thought provoking your Heaven Letters are. They often touch exactly the right point on a certain day. I am grateful and ALWAYS look forward to receiving your mails. Thank you.

With heartfelt blessings,


Beloved Kalliope, Thank you

Beloved Kalliope,

Thank you for appreciating Heavenletters and for posting on this forum.

You live in Greece, am I right? And you wanted to know about the Heaven Book that is published in the beautiful and ancient Greek language? The publisher is Panos Axiomakaros. He made a deluxe edition of the book. He had the cover embossed. He did a spectacular job of publishing Heavenletters. He was so generous and kind as to invite me to visit Greece and give a Godwriting(tm) workshop there. I had the most marvelous time as you can imagine. Panos and his family are unsurpassed in hospitality. What a beautiful country and people.

Here are some of the blog entries about my visit:

Here is the information about the book:

P.O. Box 26012
10022 Athens

Telephone: +30 2103847970
Mobile: +30 6973792866

If you get to talk to Panos, please give him my very warm personal regards. Somehow my emails are not reaching him, and I would love to hear from him and to know how he is and to know he is receiving Heavenletters.

God bless you, Kalliope.

I Just Wanted to Say "Thanks"

Dear God, Heaven Letters, & Gloria:

Just as "The Formless ONE" that exists in the formless void of eternity beyond space and time doesn't always make Itself known, or we actually may not be readily aware of Its Presence, so do readers, like myself, not always make oursevles, or myself, known to you.

It isn't that we or I am not here, it's simply that we are in the "silent stillness" of the audience.

Today, however, I would like to make myself evident by simply saying "Thanks for all of the ONEderful Heaven Letters," the one that came today, and all of the others that came on days when I did not say "Thanks" in an email response.

I AM, We Are, here, and appreciate what you do.

It's especially ONEderful when some of your messages arrive at a very-special "time," a certain balanced sequence related to "The Holy of Holies" that the Holy Spirit (Shiva/Shakti,Great Mother) and her children, the Angels, sometimes use. That's icing on the cake of Divine synchronicity! What I will call another golden "synchroniciKey" to the door of the Higher Realms.

I believe that when we turn the key of our heart, we can unlock the door of our Soul and Eternity.

Love & Light.

From here to Eternity or E-Turn-i-Key,

Thoth aka Jeff
Richmond, VA USA

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said leap your thoughts
To Surprise and Wondrousness
Regain your spirit

God said choose all kinds
Buy beautiful dreams instead
There may well be love

God said with your thought
The Great Adventure that is
Wants to play with you

Love, Light and Aloha!

Tamil Verses of this Heavenletter

Let Me be your counselor.

Even when you sit in the same chair, you can be open to the new that is to come.

Past or now — which do you choose?

Please click the link below to read the Tamil Verses of the Quoted Passages of this Heavenletter.