And the World Turns

God said:

It is like this. You wrote a play once, and you didn't get to finish the rehearsal. You forgot the play. You forgot all about it, and yet a secret part of you has a recollection and wants to continue it. You want to see this play before your very eyes. It is not exactly that you finish where you left off, yet it is something like that.

Another's View of the World

God said:

You are one who does not welcome resistance when it comes to you. No matter who gives it, you don't like it. And so now it is for you yourself to become resistanceless. When someone says something you don't like, or asks something of you that you feel is inconsiderate, even impertinent, adjourn your resistance, for resistance becomes like a dam that holds what you disfavor. So, then, unless you want to keep what perturbs you, why would you resist it?

Your Power

God said:

What are you thinking about today? If you are thinking about problems, switch to something else. Switch to desires. Switch to love.

At every moment you have an occasion for love. Love even your problems, for they are urging you forward, the way a jockey would spur on a horse. Without what you see as impediments to your evolution, you might not evolve. You might keep yourself out of action. You might wander off and twiddle your thumbs or never leave where you are.

Be a Pearl-Diver

God said:

Life is not snow, and you are not a snow shovel that shoves it away. Play in the snow while it exists.

Life will melt on its own. It will change of its own accord.

Yes, life is a mirage. Let it be then a mirage that you make the most of. Embrace it.

In life, it is not intended that you wait for another mirage.

Do not starve yourself until you can afford to eat in a fine restaurant. Eat a sandwich now. Take a bite out of life. But do not eat everything in sight.

Sometimes you have let yourself get so fatigued you can hardly lift a finger.

An Ocean of God

God said:

This life you live is an opportunity for greatness. Adjure to it. No matter what you may think, you are rising to greatness.

If greatness is a ladder you climb, you are climbing it. This is an extension ladder you are on, and when you reach the top, you find there is higher yet to go. And so you keep climbing.

Others climb the same ladder with you, and as you climb, their climb is made easier.

You are one who ventures where no one else has gone. And you are one who cares about those who seemingly come after you and before you.

Move On Now, Beloveds, Move On

God said:

What is it that you think you are missing from your life today? What is it that you think you need? What obstacle do you feel you face?

Regardless of all that weighs on you, here's what to do: Imagine that you already have what you think is missing. Whatever it is that you think you need, consider that you have it. Whatever obstacles you see, consider that they are behind you.

Surprise and Wondrousness of All Kinds

God said:

Listen to Me, too, once in a while, or often! Let Me be your counselor.

You may have thought of Me as a consoler, and yet consolation is too little to give. Giving consolation says that you have been wounded or mistreated to one extent or another. The implication of giving consolation is that something is the matter and that you then deserve and require consoling. What you really need is to move on.

Your Spirit Dances

God said:

When you stand tall, you see more. When you stand tall, you are open to a greater vista. You see mountains of opportunity before you. You have more of life to select from. At the same time, you know there is only one choice to make, and that is to choose Me. Align with Me, and you stand tall. You rise high. Your spirit rises higher. Your spirit dances.

A Golden Waterfall

God said:

Opportunity is on your right, and opportunity is on your left. You are surrounded by opportunity. You may have to see opportunity several times before it dawns on you what you have seen. Opportunity is often a tiny bud, and you have to be wide-eyed to see it. Be observant. Look for opportunity in every nook and cranny. Look for a different vantage, and your eyes will see what they have missed before. It was always there, only you didn’t see it. It was right in front of you, and you walked right past it.

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