People Who Care about You

God said:

Your mind is like a reporter, only the most biased reporter is more objective than your mind.

Your mind colors everything. As an example, when you listen to the presidential pre-election news in the U.S., when you are a staunch Republican, you listen one way, and when you are a staunch Democrat, you listen another way. Whom you are for makes a phenomenal difference to how you think. If you are for one or the other, you don't even want to hear what the other side has to say.

If you are pro-gun laws or anti-gun laws, you just want to hear your side promulgated. You really don't care to hear the other side, as if there were only two sides in the first place. When someone opposed to your view is talking, you will disgruntledly turn the TV to another channel.

So much for objectivity. You might as well confess that you don't have it.

Now, I am not saying that you must have objectivity. No, I don't say that at all. What I do say is that you must admit, if only to yourself, that you come loaded with bias. Your mind is most often made up before you begin. Is that not true?

In the larger issues, no one really cares too much what you think. They want your approval and your vote, but, otherwise, you don't matter to them. How would they care? They don't even know you.

But those you live with and those you work with and those you are friends with, they really do care what you are feeling and thinking. When there is an issue with those close to you, will you consider putting your biases aside and listening for a while, letting the other person have a say while you listen? For the sake of both of your hearts, you've got to.

Truly, it is not that you must agree. It's just that you must listen because all hearts need to be listened to, at the least, to be heard. Better yet, to be understood. Oh, what a wave of relief there is when someone understands what you have been trying to say! When people listen to you, they help you to know what you mean. They give a great service.

When you do not or will not give your attention to what others are saying to you, you cut off their hearts. You know the feeling of having your heart cut off. You don't like it.

It does not cost you anything to hear what someone else is feeling. It doesn't cost you anything to listen, to care enough to listen, and to listen without interruption. Will you do that? No longer cut off hearts? Will you let people say what they have in their hearts and minds to say? You know, of course, whatever the issue and how important it may have seemed, it may have been a big to-do about nothing. You may even find that, when you listen, you are both saying the exact same thing!

When you talk to Me or write to Me, I listen. I listen with My ears and I listen with My heart. You know I do. You can talk to Me as long as you want. It is a great service I give you, to encourage you to collect your thoughts and clarify your feelings.

And now, will you give an extra few minutes to let the people who care about you reveal their hearts to you? And will you let people know you hear what they are saying and that you respect them enough to listen, really listen?

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We can listen

We can learn to listen attentively to our our parents.. to our friends....But the greatest listening occurs when we listen wholeheartedly to God. Jimi.

Oh. how much hardship will

Oh, how much hardship will be blown away when we finally do this, listen. But, dear God, I have noticed that people tend to not listen when they don't hear, or don't want to hear, their own heart. This is not an objection, of course. But what comes first? Where there is strong bias, as in the examples You give, in most cases there will be no listening, no matter what. The strength of our bias appears to be the measure of our not wanting to hear our own heart. Are You saying, then, that we, readers of Your love letters, have grown courageous enough to listen to our own hearts and, therefore, to others? What a lovely implicit compliment that would be.

When it comes to family (in my case it's what we call "patchwork family" in Germany, where I am stepfather), I must say I'm still at a complete loss. How do you foster a willingness to listen in youngsters who don't even care for your listening to them? There has to be a need to be listened to and heard in them too, but it seems anesthetized to the point where they don't know about it any more and will respond with blank looks, or worse, to whatever suggestions you make. And with not wanting to feel, not wanting to speak, not wanting to hear comes a host of other unpleasant things, things of the most maddeningly monotonous everyday variety. After quite a few years of this, I still don't know how to move forward. It feels unbearable at times but seems to be something I want to learn. I count on Your inspiration.

How profound are your

How profound are your comments, beloved Jim and Jochen.


Marie Zenack

Wonderful! I am going to put this into practice today. And it makes it easier to think of it as a heart connection, rather than agreement of ideas.

Thanks and love, Marie

This is so profound what you

This is so profound what you said. Thinking of it as a heart connection rather than agreement of ideas -- that makes all the difference in the world. I would love to put this into action. Thanks and love to you, dear one.

By the way, you are mentioned a bit in a recent blog entry. It's called One Bead at a Time.

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said to be heard
O what a wave of relief
To be understood

God said respect them
Care enough to truly hear
You know the feeling

Love, Light and Aloha!


Cu mare parere de rau ,va aduc la cunostinta faptul ca nu inteleg suficient de bine textul in limba engleza , in concluzie ma vad nevoita sa ma retrag de la abonare. Va multumesc mult pentru textele trimise. Domnul Dumnezeu, sa va binecuvinteze pentru efortul vostru, pe d-na Gloria si intreaga echipa.

Beloved, aici este locul

Beloved, aici este locul unde puteţi vedea în română traduceri pe care le avem.

English-ar fi de două ori pe săptămână bună pentru dumneavoastră?

Mi-ar fi aşa fericiţi dacă cineva ar traduce, din nou, Heavenletters în limba română.

Senora Gloria! I had no idea

Senora Gloria! I had no idea you were listening so carefully to the Romanian people during your visit. To write Romanian this well after only a week of exposure to the language is amazing! And you have the accents figured out. WOW!

It is amazing what Babelfish

It is amazing what Babelfish or Google Translator can do!

¡El sir bueno, estos traductores también trabaja en español!

Con amor,