The Whole Universe Is Yours

God said:

In this moment, I am contained. There is not one moment of Earth time that I am not. There is not one moment that I am not contained within you. Contained within you, I am yet unlimited, and I am yet unbounded. And so are you, beloveds! This is very good news. You are as limitless as I am. Do not be afraid of this freedom. You don't need the borders you have surrounded yourself with. You never did. You think the erected borders strengthen you. They only border you. The imaginary borders merely hem you in. They block your courage. They cut you off from the expansion that is rightfully yours. You, beloved, are an expanded Being. Your heart and mind are unlimited, only your mind has set limits. No matter how arbitrary the borders may be, how imaginary, how nonexistent, how uncalled for, how meddlesome, they keep you in a small pasture.

Does your mind really think that a small pasture is safer than the whole Universe? When did your mind tell you that you must be corralled? Oh, yes, I know, you were taught that at an early age. Beloveds, you have gotten too big for a playpen now.

You are with Me. You are safe. Whatever occurs, you are safe.

Bondage does not keep you safe. It keeps you in bondage to concepts that have long lost their usefulness if, indeed, they were ever useful. Oh, yes, they kept you on a short rein. You have liked to believe that the backyard is more secure than the front lawn.

I am telling you that you are secure. You carry your security with you. You have security of soul, infinite Being, infinite life.

The extant world is not all there is. Enjoy the world with all your might, and yet not be bound to it. The world is a playground to enjoy, yet all your time and focus have bigger fish to catch than the world. There is a whole Universe out there. There is something in you that likes what is obvious, what it can touch, what it can see, what it can point to with your index finger. Your mind tends to want to stay where it is, to stay with what it already knows. Your mind may want to go only so far and not further because the mind likes to assert what it already knows and not venture to what it does not yet know. Your mind does not always favor open-mindedness. It's afraid of something, your mind is. I think it is afraid of the unknown, and there is a lot that is unknown to your mind!

Of course, what the mind calls the unknown is what I call the Known. Despite your mind's shenanigans, you also know the Known. Call it unknown, if you prefer, yet it is the great Vastness of the Known. It is your mind that tells you to be afraid to venture here. Your mind hesitates to venture out of its daily territory. You see, your mind fears losing itself. It fears being outdistanced. Your mind likes to be the frontrunner, and yet it balks. It fears an abyss where there is no abyss. But the mind says, "How do I know there is no abyss when I have never ventured here before?"

What is new to your stiff-backed mind is an old story to you. Because your mind does not have the conscious awareness doesn't mean that the Known is new. The Known is like an ancient friend to you, one you have never ever been without, for what is the Known, beloveds, but the One before you now, the One I AM and that you are too?

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2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said you are safe
I am contained within you
Whatever occurs

God said venture out
The whole Universe is yours
With infinite life

Love, Light and Aloha!