The Whole Universe Is Yours

God said:

In this moment, I am contained. There is not one moment of Earth time that I am not. There is not one moment that I am not contained within you. Contained within you, I am yet unlimited, and I am yet unbounded. And so are you, beloveds! This is very good news. You are as limitless as I am. Do not be afraid of this freedom. You don't need the borders you have surrounded yourself with. You never did. You think the erected borders strengthen you. They only border you. The imaginary borders merely hem you in. They block your courage. They cut you off from the expansion that is rightfully yours.

A Universe of Such Magnitude

God said:

You are in the process of losing boundaries.

You have been a blind man holding on to walls.

Now that you begin to see, you don't have to hold on. That is the letting go that you are doing. You are letting go of boundaries that keep you fixed in place.

Love your boundaries, but know that you don't need them. You can see now, and you see farther now. Now you see past the boundaries. When you see beyond them, you are not looking at them. No longer are they the extent of your vision.

The Unboundedness of You

God said:

Assume you are unboundedness. Unboundness means no barriers. The truth is that there are no barriers. All barriers are illusions. They are painted cardboard fences that you think are stone.

There is no barrier that you cannot break through, climb over, walk around. Barriers exist only in your mind. Someone said they were there, and you accepted that they were. You set up the supposed barriers, or someone else did.

Barriers are a deck of cards. Your breath can blow them over without a backward glance.

Our Being

God said:

I speak to you of love. That is all I can speak of. That is all I know. All I know is truth. I know nothing else but truth. And I know you.

I know what you are made of, for I made you of Myself.

You are made of My love.

That is who you are — My love. Made of My love, you are My love, and you are also the one I love. My love for you cannot be striated. My love for you is your wholeness. It is your holiness, My love for you, and your holiness is Mine.

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