All the Riches of the Kingdom

God said:

If I saw as you do see, I would have given up a long time ago! Have not you perhaps given up a long time ago? Have you not sometimes said, "To heck with life! I'm tired of it. I have had enough. I don't like the world the way it is. I am tired of my mere survival. I want to exceed survival. I want to enjoy life."


God said:

What can be contrary to what I say? What I say is in your heart. I am the Truth of your heart. Do you really believe I can be mistaken?

Make no mistake, I created you love. Any diversion from love is only a diversion. It is an aside. Diversion from love is like idle conversation between acts of a play. It is not the play. It is a filler. It is only talk.

When did life become taken so seriously? What if life is all play and nothing but play? Then drama and tragedy are but diversion from the reality of life. If you feel distant from joy, what have you let divert you from it?

People Who Care about You

God said:

Your mind is like a reporter, only the most biased reporter is more objective than your mind.

Your mind colors everything. As an example, when you listen to the presidential pre-election news in the U.S., when you are a staunch Republican, you listen one way, and when you are a staunch Democrat, you listen another way. Whom you are for makes a phenomenal difference to how you think. If you are for one or the other, you don't even want to hear what the other side has to say.

The Whole Universe Is Yours

God said:

In this moment, I am contained. There is not one moment of Earth time that I am not. There is not one moment that I am not contained within you. Contained within you, I am yet unlimited, and I am yet unbounded. And so are you, beloveds! This is very good news. You are as limitless as I am. Do not be afraid of this freedom. You don't need the borders you have surrounded yourself with. You never did. You think the erected borders strengthen you. They only border you. The imaginary borders merely hem you in. They block your courage. They cut you off from the expansion that is rightfully yours.

"My Father's House"

God said:

"My Father's house has many mansions" means there are dimensions you do not remember visiting. I use the word "dimension", but that does not say accurately what I mean to say. There is no word for what I want to say.

It is like — only like — you have a house with a third floor you are not aware of or have forgotten (not aware of and forgotten are the same) — and then suddenly you open a forgotten door (you have an insight) and there are the stairs, and there are the other rooms, treasures there all the time, but hidden from your view. They can only be hidden temporarily.

Be Innocent

God said:

If you already know everything, what can you learn?

Take a step forward, and know nothing. Then you will learn everything.

You try to match what you think you already know with what I say, and then you keep or discard accordingly.

Be open. That's how things get in. Closed, what can enter? You close yourself in to a small territory. Abandon territory. Open the gates. I am not talking about exposing yourself to the world. I am talking about opening to Truth, and I am that Truth. Expand your boundaries of thought. Let in a possibility.

A Genie within You

God said:

When you despair, you have lied to yourself. You have said things will not change. You have told yourself that you will always feel dreary and have reason to. You have said that a suffering emotion will always grip you. But emotions are changing things. And so is your life.

Yet hope is a little thing. It is too little for you. Hope is very maybe-ish. It is a whimper of truth. It hardly passes for itself.

Awareness of truth is another story.

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