God said:

What can be contrary to what I say? What I say is in your heart. I am the Truth of your heart. Do you really believe I can be mistaken?

Make no mistake, I created you love. Any diversion from love is only a diversion. It is an aside. Diversion from love is like idle conversation between acts of a play. It is not the play. It is a filler. It is only talk.

When did life become taken so seriously? What if life is all play and nothing but play? Then drama and tragedy are but diversion from the reality of life. If you feel distant from joy, what have you let divert you from it?

Sunshine comes from the sun. The sun is never diverted. Rain or shine, the sun beams its rays. Nothing discourages the sun from shining. The sun is mighty in its focus.

Focus on love today. Pull it out from your heart and see where it goes. Let love fall from your heart like the sun's rays.

Have you been waiting for something to knock on the door of your heart? Open the door of love yourself. Opened, love will come to you. Have you been playing a waiting game? Did you forget that you must open your heart of love eternally? Have you protected it, held it in reserve, waiting for the right moment?

The right moment is now. Divest yourself of any barriers to the flow of your heart to another. Bare it to all others.

Your heart is not meant to pick and choose. It is meant to love. Let your heart flow. No longer hold it in. Do not repress the love in your heart. Let it express itself.

Do not narrow the channels of your heart. Do not close them. Open them wide to the sun and the world the sun shines on. Be open-hearted.

Openhearted is much vaster than open-minded. Open-mindedness is hardly worthy of discussion. Openheartedness is beyond discussion. It is not really your decision to be openhearted. All you can decide is to stop crimping your heart. Uncrimped, your heart can only be open. Left to itself, your heart is open.

A heart is not a device. It is a heart. Devices are manipulated, not hearts. Not yours, not another's.

The natural state of your heart is open. Unrestrained, your heart is open, and it is the key to all other hearts. Like Christmas lights, hearts are connected. When one goes on, the others have no choice but to follow. All at once, they are lit. Hearts are the same.

No match is needed to light your heart. Your heart is already lit. All you have to do is remove any damper you have put on it.

Bless your heart now to its heartedness. Love your heart enough to unleash it. Let it be like a kite that you follow. It is not to follow your directions. It knows where to go and what to do. Oh, beautiful heart of yours, give it free rein! It will engulf itself with My heart. Your heart knows from whence it has come and where it is going. It only has to be allowed.

If you have been waiting for permission to love with your whole heart, know that permission has been granted. You needed none. But take My permission as a signal to love your heart as it is, and to acknowledge its sovereignty.