God said:

What can be contrary to what I say? What I say is in your heart. I am the Truth of your heart. Do you really believe I can be mistaken?

Make no mistake, I created you love. Any diversion from love is only a diversion. It is an aside. Diversion from love is like idle conversation between acts of a play. It is not the play. It is a filler. It is only talk.

When did life become taken so seriously? What if life is all play and nothing but play? Then drama and tragedy are but diversion from the reality of life. If you feel distant from joy, what have you let divert you from it?

Life Is a Rambling Rose

God said:

It is good to make your dreams come true, yet it is not mandatory.

Your God-Given Love

God said:

If you never had hurt feelings, you would love unconditionally. It is thoughts about yourself that prevent you from loving with your whole heart. You believe that someone loves you one minute and not the next, and so conditions are born, and you respond accordingly. You believe that love can be withdrawn, and so you withdraw. You believe that love does not really belong to you, neither as a receiver or giver.

Choose Love

God said:

Happiness exists always. It is your natural state. Anything else you feel is an interruption, a distraction, interference, static on the line. Let it sink in once and for all that you are meant for happiness.

Why are you surprised when happiness comes? Take it as your due. Why accept unhappiness and struggle and frustration as your due? Happiness has your name on it. These other things do not. They were mis-addressed to you. You picked up a spam message, beloved, and thought it was really for you.

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