Life Is a Rambling Rose

God said:

It is good to make your dreams come true, yet it is not mandatory.

Make dreams for yourself and not require adherence to your dreams from anyone else. Let your dreams be yours, and do not make anyone else follow your dreams. Your dreams are not to restrict anyone. If you wish to marry, for example, and the man you love wants to roam free, then let your will be that he follow his own dreams. In life, do not try to make anyone stay where you want them, for everyone must be free to fulfill his own yearnings, to stay or leave according to his own vision. No one has to fulfill your desires. Your desires are not to pre-empt others’ desires. No one is to be subservient to your dreams. Not even you, beloveds.

Who is to say that your desire is right or another’s is not? Speak for yourself. That’s all you can speak for.

I will tell you something. The more you allow freedom for everyone, the more likely your dreams will come true. Simply because you don’t mandate your dreams, you encourage them to happen. Let everyone decide his own fate. Everyone has free will, not just you, beloveds.

Engage in life as if there are no winners. The West was won, but not life. Life is simply to be lived, not secured, not ordered around. Let everyone have his own will. It is for you to be willing and not commanding. Give everyone the same freedom you desire for yourself. Otherwise, you hamper the other. The life you constrict may very well be your own.

It is vital that you allow freedom. Otherwise, you are commandeering lack of freedom.

Freedom doesn’t mean anyone can do anything he likes. It means he is free to decide for himself.

Beloveds, you do not know the meaning of any outcome. Admit you have on occasion been mistaken. You cannot always make the decisions for yourself that fulfill your own dreams. How can you possibly think you know what is just right for someone else? Be sure you are not putting your dreams before another’s. Allow free will.

When paths converge, they converge. When paths diverge, they diverge. Neither insistence nor force changes what is in someone’s heart. There can be compliance, yet compliance is a poor substitute for whole-heartedness.

It seems so easy to see the rightness and wrongness when they apply to someone else. Now, no longer think in those terms. Think of giving freedom to others. Beloveds, are your perceived mistakes better than another’s? Give others the freedom to even make mistakes, if mistakes they be. Have you not seen mistakes turn into wonderful events? And have you not seen dreams fulfilled yet turn out differently from how you thought they would?

Life is a rambling rose, beloveds.

Every rose must choose its own development. No one can tell a red rose that it should be yellow. You can prefer yellow all you want, and yet a red rose is red. You don’t try to make a rose different from what it is. You love the rose you are given. Now develop that same acceptance when it comes to others. Let others be what they are. If you must improve someone, will you improve yourself? It is not so easy as you thought, is it?

Change your mind, and you will see life fall into place, and you will relish where you land.

Life is always experience, beloveds. Who are you to say one experience is worthy and another is not?

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Hello Friends,

God said change your mind
Let others be what they are
Allow them freedom

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