About Being and Doing

God said:

Simply don’t fret so much. You find a dozen things to worry about. And when you finish those, new ones pop up to fill their place. Then your thoughts become like weeds, beloveds. Let your thoughts be roses instead.

Plant the garden you want in your mind.

It seems that you dig up weeds and, then, plant them again and again. Weeded thoughts in, weeded thoughts out, and back in again. What are We to do with your thoughts? Have Mine instead.

Let your thoughts be arbors. Let your thoughts be Empire State Buildings that rise to the Heavens. Let your thoughts be a comfort to you and the world. Your thoughts are shared. No matter how much you keep them to yourself, still they are shared. Your thoughts are never yours alone. Even if your thoughts stayed only with you, that is reason enough to raise them. Don’t fritter your thoughts, beloveds. Have thoughts worth thinking about.

Get out of the pettiness of your recurrent worrisome thoughts. Think about something else, Me, for instance, and you will forget what worry is. You think too much in advance or you think back too much, and so you have worry. Thinking is not living, beloveds. Live more than in your thoughts.

Thinking about is inaction. Thinking about is only activity of the mind. Let your mind rest a while. You have perhaps been overworking your mind. Perhaps you have too much thinking. Convert your thinking into living.

Let go of thoughts that hold you in place. They hold you back. Do not ponder. Let your thoughts become instant action.

If you think to clean a closet, clean the closet. If you think to make a recipe, make it. If you think to send someone a card, send them the card. Otherwise, you waste your thoughts. Come into the arena of action. Let there be no distance between your thoughts and your life. Thoughts are meant to be realized.

A farmer cannot just think about planting corn. He doesn’t just talk about it. He gets up and plants his corn in season. In the winter, he builds the fire. In the spring he plants his crops.

You no longer belong in the planning stage. Now you are in the stage of moving. Columbus had his ideas and his map. He put his thoughts into action. He fulfilled his thoughts.

Get up from your rocking chair, beloveds. Wait no more.

You have sometimes wondered what the point of life is. It is certain that the point of life is not the thinking about it.

You may ask Me then: “What about Being, God? I thought we were to be more than do.”

Beloveds, your Being is supreme. But your Being is not lazy. Your Being will contribute to the world. I suggest that your life contribute also. At the very least, let your life contribute to you. Even better, let your life be a tribute to Me. Contribute with your life.

Do not stew in life. Get up and live it. Movement is the name of the game on Earth.

You may say that Buddha sat and didn’t do anything. Beloveds, Buddha brought the world to him.

Consider that Christ’s thoughts were powerful, and yet he got up and walked the Earth. His thoughts became his action. Christ had beautiful thoughts. His words were beautiful. His life was too. He lived his thoughts, and so must you.

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A beautiful, wise letter.

A beautiful, wise letter. This message needs to be spread all over the world!

And your post is beautiful

And your post is beautiful and wise.

To everyone, how do we do this?

Dearest Christine, I totally

Dearest Christine,

I totally agree with you, this message needs to be spread all over the world, and I'd like to add that it should be read and re-read on a daily basis (as many / all Heavenletters !).

Reading this wonderful Love Letter I was reminded of:

"Your life lived is your conversation with God" (Neale Donald Walsch)

Love and blessings

How do we get this

How do we get this Heavenletter out more?

I sent this as an email

To a few of my friends. Nice message.

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said raise your thoughts
Have thoughts worth thinking about
And have Mine instead

God said Beloveds
Let your thoughts be a comfort
To you and the world

Love, Light and Aloha!