How Can a Worthwhile Desire Not Come True?

God said:

To everything, there is an answer. It may not be an answer you want, yet it is the answer you get. You may not want to hear that answer, yet it is your answer. You wanted a different answer. And you yearn to know why that answer. Why a no to a sweet desire of your heart, and you want to know why, as if God has to answer you the way you would like as well.

When your heart’s desire is not fulfilled, all is not lost. Consider for a moment, no matter how heartbreaking the answer is to you, the answer you receive is the right one. How can it be, you ask and ask again and again.

Dreams within Dreams

God said:

You were reclining in Heaven, and you fell into a kind of reverie. You had a sort of dream that you were not where you were. You had a sort of dream that you had wandered off somewhere, and your reverie went on and on. Every now and then, you would turn over and open your eyes for just a moment, and then you would fully immerse yourself again in the dream. You were so deep into the dream, that you thought the dream was true, and you thought your vague recollection of reclining in Heaven was your imagination, or a myth you had once heard about.

Love Your Dreams

God said:

There is nothing that is too good to be true. There is nothing that is not possible.

It is not that you must dream, but why not? Dreaming is like plowing the field and sowing the seeds. Then nature takes its course.

Let Your Desires Be like Kites

God said:

If you had one topic for each day, what would you choose? The topics could change or stay the same. This is the same as My asking you, "Of all your dreams, which one do you want to have appear today?" Will this not give you a worthy focus?

Life Is a Rambling Rose

God said:

It is good to make your dreams come true, yet it is not mandatory.

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