Love Your Dreams

God said:

There is nothing that is too good to be true. There is nothing that is not possible.

It is not that you must dream, but why not? Dreaming is like plowing the field and sowing the seeds. Then nature takes its course.

The farmer prepares the soil. He sows the seeds. He waters them. He pictures his crop, and he loves that he is in some small way part of the creation of fruit and vegetables. He watches what nature can do with dirt, water, and seeds. Surely, beloveds, if such beautiful food and varieties of food can come from the same soil, tell Me, please, what do you possibly imagine that nature cannot do? Never mind, don't tell Me. Save your breath.

You do see that the farmer has to let the seeds sprout. He allows the good food to grow. He doesn't go look and then say: "Those seeds aren't sprouting. Well, I guess they're never going to. I was foolish to think that they would appear." Of course, seeds sprout in their own good time. They know when to.

Have you not been impatient about your dreams? You thought the trees of your dreams should have borne fruit last week. A farmer has an idea of how long it will take his crop to grow. You don't have any idea of how long it takes for your dreams to take seed. Just as there are all kinds of dreams, they all have their own times.

Honestly, beloveds, does it matter if it takes ten years for a dream long dreamed to come true? Or twenty? Or however long it takes? Does not even the dream itself nourish you?

Dreams have feelings. Nourish your dreams then for themselves. Give them a good start.

It is not for you to demand that your dreams come true. It is not for you to give up on them either. Certainly undreamed wonders have arrived at your door. You didn't anticipate them. You hadn't even thought of them, and then, to your delight, they are there. Maybe they were dreams you dreamed and forgot you had, or maybe they were someone else's dream that came to you, but not by mistake, beloveds, not by mistake.

Anticipating your dreams is a kind of fulfillment of its own. When you dream of fulfillment of a desire, you give it a life of its own. Dreams like you to picture them. Dreams like to be called into being. They are meant to be dreamed.

And you are meant to be a dreamer. Have fun with your dreams. Enjoy them. Don't belabor them. Don't give them a time limit. Don't limit them at all. Let your dreams amble.

Just as dances have different tempos, so do dreams.

Dreams know their times. They know their pace. They know when to come out. They know when their debut is. You don't.

Be the best dreamer you can be. I ask this of you. Do it for Me if you cannot do it for yourself. What dream for you might I have? Dream it for Me, beloveds. Dream wild dreams for Me. Dream bodacious dreams. Dream big ones and little ones. The thing is to dream so that you can expand to greet the fulfillment of your dreams.

Dream your dreams. If you dream of a house, walk through it. Touch it. Walk through every inch of your dream, and do it again and again.

If you dream of a soul mate, dream it. Walk through how you would feel united with a great love. Do not demand a certain appearance. Let your soul mate be who he or she is. Leave the details to Me. Meanwhile, greet each person you meet as if he or she were the one, or the one leading you to the one.

Love your dreams.

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I love my dream

I love my dream, but I love the One who gave me that dream more that words can express. I dream I will see heaven while Im here on earth. I dream of touching my creators face. And as I dream I do by my faith know He feels my embrace.
I dream of being before His throne and worshiping Him along with all the angels who are already there doing what they were created to do.
I dream with my childlike faith that I am dancing on the clouds and sliding down every rainbow I can find. I dream that I can be everything my Father has created be to be.
I love you Almighty God for dreaming all Your dreams , because without Your dreams , where would we all be.
You are the dreamer inside of me You are the dreamer who dreamed of me. And without me , where would all my children be.
Thank You God for not giving up Your dreams.

There is nothing that is too

There is nothing that is too good to be true. There is nothing that is not possible. What a dream AND The Truth if God says so. Dream on!
much love Nancy

How beautiful this letter

How beautiful this letter is. Thank you God for being so gentle, kind and easy to understand. Yes, we will see many dreams come true this way. Dreaming is God's nature and it is so lovely to dream, and see its fulfillment. Many, many blessings dearest dreamer. In the past this has been so complicated and riddled with doubts. I know that it truly is not difficult, when God is everywhere, including in and all around me and you! How could dreams not come true, if God has dreamed them?

Thank you , dearest Gloria for being such a faithful vessel for God.


Dear God of HeavenLetters, This message of yours is sublime. I will, and surely I am
in love with my sweet dreams. And from this moment forward, i am grateful for
the existence of dreams, they love spiritual nourishment, my joyous believing in them.

Last evening even before I went to bed, I had a lovely dream, i was walking on air
it seemed, it was just so full of lightness, i remember I was testing my walking
and it was as though I was floating, SO easy was the walking. What a sweet dream that was.

And today, I shall be of the heart/mind that says everyone I meet is assisting me
in the wondrous manifesting of my dream, - better yet make that plural Dreams!

Dear Lamb of God who takes away the forgetfulness of the world, I am grateful to you
GROW! Just like the dear farmer who first plows the field, then sows the seeds,
and then without a doubt loves the idea that he is part of the Love of Creation


SWEET MARY your words speak of a way of LIVING that's sublime!

George rubbing his eyes

Live Your Dreams

How refreshing to read today's Heavenletter at a time when the world is pounding at our door, begging us to dream.

Dream we must, as this Heavenletter so lovingly points out. This encouragement is so reassuring.

Very gratefully,

Oh my God...just this

Oh my God...just this morning I spoke about a great dream of my son, just spoke about one possibility to see realized it for his healing, and I had give him to You. Oh my God, I think this is Your answer to me. I will continue on the way I had decided. And I remember You are into us and Your guide is sure. I love You so much.

(Please Paula, angel of translations, can you sent to me this Letter translate so my son can understand and read it?)

Beloved Patrizia, you will

Beloved Patrizia, you will find all the Heavenletters that have been translated into Italian here:

It is so beautiful how Heavenletters speak to us.

"To sleep, perchance to dream, ha, there's the rub."

We all know who wrote that. We know Who wrote this letter about dreams.

This beautiful letter admonishes us to be the best dreamer and dream the best dreams possible. How sweet and how true, but how do we manage to select our dreams? The Master tells us not to look here or there for the Kingdom because it's within us. It's the same with dreams. They are all in our unconscious, mostly, but also in our conscious. That's why she tells us to dream with vision. Make our dreams true even as they are dreamed. That can be done with fun, joy, and faith but mostly love. God gives us the key: "Love your dreams."

George still in his dreaming p.j.s

Beautiful images

George, reading your comment opened up new ideas about this letter, prompting me to look deeper and appreciate it even more. At first, I didn't know quite how to interpret it or how I could best respond to it. Now I take it to be addressing the desires, plans and goals I hold for my life.

This letter calls to mind a previous one about welcoming the gift of each new day. If I remember correctly, it was a suggestion that we welcome the new day as we would a treasured guest whose arrival was imminent, preparing our home in loving anticipation and greeting our guest with gratitude. It seems that his letter suggests we treat our dreams in the same way, as anticipated guests that we know are going to enter our lives. It seems that there is also a promise that our dreams will respond to our love and respect.

Such beautiful images from this letter and the wonderful comments!.......Chuck

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said love your dreams
And leave the details to Me
Dream bodacious dreams

God said good to grow
Nourish your dreams for themselves
They have their own times

God said walk them through
Dream your dreams and picture them
Give them a good start

Love, Light and Aloha!

Dream wild dreams for Me

There is nothing that is not possible.
Dream wild dreams for Me.
Dream big ones and little ones.
Walk through every inch of your dream, and do it again and again.
Walk through how you would feel...

Is there a need to interpret "nothing" in There is nothing that is not possible.? What about new teeth? Ten years off? Flying? If nothing really means nothing then flying and everything is possible. Let's do it.

When time and space do not exist as so many Heavenletters assert and as I have felt for many years, it follows that nothing exists, no matter, no thing, no being, nothing. Or in the words of Heaven #3169: "There is nowhere, beloveds. There is nothing. All that is evident to you is nothing. There is no time, no distance, there is nothing at all." If there is nothing at all, then what seems to be there hast to be fantasy, has to be imagination, taking up as much space as the scenes in my dream of the night, that is, no "real" space at all.

What I see is just seen but not really there except as an insubstantial, projected image. Pain is just felt but there is no real aching tissue. The impact of my running against a lamp post feels extremely real and yet is only a story I'm telling. Everything, all of it, is only imagined and as unreal yet convincing as in a dream of the night.

Since everything exists only in imagination, it should not be a problem to re-imagine absolutely everything. One would expect it to happen more often, new limbs, new hearts, new livers, all home-grown. Well, as a matter of fact, it happens all the time. Whatever I see is what I believe must be there. In other words, the world, my life, my self and all seeming events are as I expect them to be and thus imagine or voodoo them into being.

We have arrived at the crucial juncture: expectation. If it were possible to re-expect at will, we would all be growing new teeth, we would remove wrinkles, we would fly – or we would have simply gone home, leaving the whole imagination business behind until we feel like taking it up again.

Anyway, that's what dreams are for: getting used to unlimited possibility again, letting go of so-called realism (which is only fear of disappointment anyway), softening expectations until they can be disassembled and disposed of. Dream your real dream, not a modest or reasonable one. Whether it is a big dream or a little one, let it be wild, only the wildest dreams are ... God's. Walk through your dream, touch everything in it, and do it again and again. Never check on its degree of fulfillment or probability. Stick with how you would feel...