What God Says

God said:

You learn. You grow. You come closer to Me. And, yet, at the same time, you still hold on to the appearances of life and are so tied tightly to them.

Age, for instance. You believe in it wholeheartedly. You believe in age and aging more than you believe in Me. You see wrinkles, and you believe in wrinkles more than you believe in Me. You believe in weakness and frailty and gray hair more than you believe in Me. You believe in time more than you believe in Me. You believe more in what you see than what you don't see. You believe in fact more than you believe in Reality. You believe in wrinkle-removing creams more than you believe in Me.

You may believe in the color of skin more than you believe in Me. You may value the outer world more than anything else. Almost surely you do.

I ask you to allow for other possibilities.

In the world, stuntmen do death-defying acts. I would like you to do age-defying acts. I ask you not to swallow life-defying aging so fast. Do not gulp it down.

I ask you to question what is Reality and what is appearance. I ask you to question established physical reality.

I tell you there is no death, and you read and hear about death right and left. You believe obituaries more than you believe Me. Simply put, you believe in the physical obviousness much more faithfully than you believe in the spiritual reality. I understand this, of course. I am just saying what is.

Further, you may not even care about the spiritual. Spiritual Truth may come at the end of your list. It probably took you a long time before the concept of Truth with a capital T fell within your radar.

I do not tell you to give up the physical world, nor do I ask you to pretend anything. I do not ask you to go around spouting words about spiritual Truths when it is not your experience. I do ask you to take a little stock in what I say. Allow for the possibility that there is another Greater Reality that may not yet be at your fingertips, and yet it is within reach. Allow for the possibility that Full Reality may indeed already be within your reach because it is scored within your heart. All Truth lies within your heart. No matter how you may feel, no matter what your mind tells you, your heart stands firm with the Truth it contains, and it contains all Truth. Beloveds, I stand tall in your heart. Yes, your heart. Always. Even when you are not proud of your heart, I am there, so strong, so true, so faithful to you.

Do I get old, beloveds? Yes, I am aware that I may have always seemed aged to you. You may have thought I had white hair and a long white beard and that I stood on a mountain. I am ever young, beloveds. I span the Earth in one step. I dance a jig. I have the merriment of a child, and I never lose it. I always have it. I am innocent, beloveds. I am the most innocent of all. Even as I know all of Creation from beginning to end, I am innocent. I see clearly, beloveds. That is My innocence.

I tell you frankly that the same innocence prevails within you. And the same youth and the same agelessness prevail within you.

What is anything next to the Truth of Us?

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What a marvellous Letter

What a marvellous Letter today my Father! (Gloria thanks!)
I do have to say the true (even if in English is not simple to me). I had always see me in perfect health, young, dancing in a marvellous golden space, heart empty of joy, love and without time.
I find much effort to live here, with all things of the world: give birth to a baby (I just have to thinking a new baby to get him!), work hard (life is to live it, there's God's abundance everywhere!), dressed in a good way, find the people love or the love of a man (we are always in love!), loose time with all those noise things, and so on; but I live here! I belive in non-age, I belive in our always fresh mind and body, I belive our body can follow our Being.
I'm working on this, finding the right way, the way God tells us.
Gloria said God's words that I soon will know that I am where I want to be. That's ok, I wait for that moment because by now I find some difficulty.
I am between the two ad right now I'm not able to unify them. I suppose that Love can, God can for me.
I am in work

Blessings to all

Dear Gloria, I need you

Dear Gloria,

I need you help. Can you translate for me "What is anything next to the Truth of Us?"
It's not so clear to me; can you tell this phrase in another way so I can understand it?

What a great question,

What a great question, beloved Patrizia.

It's like this:

If we put tin and gold next to each, which would you choose?

What is as valuable as the Truth of Us which is God's Truth?

Fortunately, in the case of God and gold and diamonds, we can have it all. My feeling is that this is not a choice we have to make, yet Truth stands above all.

Does that help, sweetheart?

Oh, now I understand. Some

Oh, now I understand.
Some English espressions aren't clear to my translation.
Thank you very much Gloria!

God's Word is Truth

I love what you wrote today.

What God Says!!

Yes, We do have much to give up regarding our ideas of God. For truly our Dear
Creator is the very shining Spirit of Innocence and Love. God is the Spirit of Love and
Joy, and sharing all that Her Most Glorious Spirit is!!! God does not withhold what God
is from any of us.
And we do believe in age defying creams and are stuck therefore in the illegitimate idea that
aging is possible. Not with Our Creator! God is as a Most Innocent Child, unafraid and
full of joy at Her Own Innocence, God knows no lack of anything!!! He asks us therefore to
"become as a child" to be like Her !!! And Our Dear Creator's Innocent Spirit DOES
dwell by the Will of God, in our true Heart and Soul!


Wow! This is wonderful!

Wow! This is wonderful! Thank you for this wonderful word today, God! Let it be unto me according to YOUR word!

my comment missing

Dear Gloria,
please explain to me why my full comment is missing.
Did I write anything that offencive.? God's Word is Truth.

Beloved Michelle, You did

Beloved Michelle,

You did not do anything offensive. Your post was very true.

Please see my post here:


Angel, I didn't think to say in my post that if it's okay for you to do, then many will follow you.

I know how you must feel, and I am so sorry.

Thank you Gloria

Gloria, I don't want any one to follow me. There is only One to be followed. I will let my inner man word my spiritual happenings and longings without breaking the guide lines. I am at peace and I want everyone to
be at peace and unity who come into oneness with God . I know it's not about religion but its about relationship with our creator. I know He want's us to know Him for who He is in us.Thanks again Gloria for being so understanding .

Beloved Michelle, it is for

Beloved Michelle, it is for me to thank you for being so understanding. I am so glad that you are here.

God bless you!

With love,


Truth in all ITS forms

Sweet Gloria tells us that there is no such thing as aging. At 84 my cane takes issue with that concept but my Spirit shouts: "Way to go girl, keep the Truth flowing."

As i held my darling wife as she lay dyeing ing my arm I knew that soon she'd slip from my sight. There would be the appearance of her boarding another kind of train to a much more elevated place.

I knew that if someone gave me a ticket to Hawaii I would sing all the way to the plane about the joy I would have. Now it appears that SomeOne gave my darling a ticket to Heaven and I was asked to sing all the way to the final place of her form's ashes. The divine Trickster, I love, took her out of my arms into His and my cane tells me: "Heh, heh, you'll soon be with her."

My heart hears a higher note suggesting that there are a few more words to write before I go, a few more broken souls to help sort out the complex laundry of their unconscious and conscious minds. The JOY I feel tells me that this moment, right now, is much too precious and delightful to let go of until HIS arm gobble me up in the ultimate timing of divine purpose.

I look forward to the time, if there is such a thing, to spanning the earth with a hop, skip and jump to Orion, or some other celestial place. I have tasted of His Grace, His Love, His fun and am content with my meal.

George eating without a napkin

Thank you for joyously

Thank you for joyously reminding us of our inner virtues...


Sophia darling

Sophia darling, it sounds to me like you are well on the way to JOY and fullness!

George 84 enjoying Sophia

You believe in

You believe in wrinkle-removing creams more than you believe in Me.

I was struck by the truth in this phrase. Really, even if we don't believe in the creams, we try them on anyway. You never know: a cream could remove our wrinkles, but we don't believe God could. So why not try on God as well, try to believe in God as we believe in wrinkle-removing creams or any other apparent thing!


I do not reproach. I love. (HEAVEN #1236)

2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said "Yes I Am"
I Am just saying what is
I Am there with you

God said believe Me
Believe in Me Beloveds
I believe in you

Love, Light and Aloha!