fulfillment of desire

Love Your Dreams

God said:

There is nothing that is too good to be true. There is nothing that is not possible.

It is not that you must dream, but why not? Dreaming is like plowing the field and sowing the seeds. Then nature takes its course.

All the Blessings of the Universe

God said:

You have desires for a reason. You are meant to have dreams, and you are meant to have them come true. It is not meant to be a surprise when your dreams come true. The world was designed for you to receive all the blessings of the Universe. You are supposed to have your desires fulfilled. What do you desire that should not be yours, beloveds? You are meant to have health, wealth, and happiness. You are meant to have all the treasures of the Universe. What would life be if it were not possible for you to fill your heart brim full?

There Is Knowing

God said:

Heaven is a certain place for Being. Much is accomplished, yet there is no effort. There is not even really thinking in Heaven. There is Knowing. In Heaven, there is no action as such. There is no distance between Knowingness and its fruit. There is what We could call an impulse, and the impulse manifests. In Heaven, there is instant fulfillment of impulses of desire. In Heaven, before an impulse has finished, its result has already been created. There is no frustration in Heaven. What frustration could there be when fulfillment of desires is instant? It is not a question of believing.

New Year of Fulfillment

God said:

This is it, beloveds, this is the Year of Change. Not just change. Year of New Beginnings. Year of Unsurpassed Dreams and Their Fulfillment. This is the year that Heaven and Earth meet. They blend. They more clearly become one. This is the year you have been waiting for, and now it is at hand. Just a little more tipping of the Universe, and the old will drop away, and the new will arise.

Stronger Than Hope

God said:

Be more than hopeful. Hopefulness is little better than hopelessness. How apologetic is hopefulness! It is very wimpy. It is lukewarm. It is undefined. Hope is like wishful thinking, and I have told you that your thoughts are powerful.

Hope is for when you bet on a horse and would like it to win. Hope is all you can do when you are in the stands watching. You, My beloveds, are far more than a bystander who has no say. You are an inciter.

Love Alone Has the Might

God said:

You may despair of ever being free of despair, yet you hold despair close to you. Despair is a trick your mind plays. It is a folding crutch that you pull out time and time again to find again and again that it does not support you. Disappear despair and cast your thoughts around the delights that are on their way to you instead. Enough despair. The something more you yearn for exists, or you would not yearn for it. Let thoughts of what you desire dangle before you, not despair.

Like a Hummingbird

God said:

Sometimes you call vague stirrings of your soul as restlessness. Consider, then, restlessness as a beginning overture to something wonderful. You could define restlessness as waking up, the stirring between the impulse to rise and the getting up, just as when you wake in the morning, you acclimate yourself before you actually get out of bed. Restlessness is motion readying itself. Restlessness is a like a hummingbird before it alights.

Let Your Desires Be like Kites

God said:

If you had one topic for each day, what would you choose? The topics could change or stay the same. This is the same as My asking you, "Of all your dreams, which one do you want to have appear today?" Will this not give you a worthy focus?

Hopping Toads of Desires

God said:

What is there for you to do, Beloveds, but anticipate the good in life? What else holds merit? What you would call to you, call to you. Why bother with anything else?

Because your surroundings call your attention to flaw and misfortune frequently, I remind you to keep your attention high. No one on earth can do that for you. You and I are the only Ones. In order to put your attention on the peaks of life rather than the pitfalls, swing your attention higher.

God's Joy

God said:

Sometimes you feel stalemated with life, as if you go nowhere in it, as if there is nowhere for you to go, as if there is not more joy available to you, as if you have had your share, and now there is no more and you are on a sea of unchanging listlessness.

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