Hopping Toads of Desires

God said:

What is there for you to do, Beloveds, but anticipate the good in life? What else holds merit? What you would call to you, call to you. Why bother with anything else?

Because your surroundings call your attention to flaw and misfortune frequently, I remind you to keep your attention high. No one on earth can do that for you. You and I are the only Ones. In order to put your attention on the peaks of life rather than the pitfalls, swing your attention higher.

Do not let anyone tell you that this is avoiding life. First of all, there is no avoiding life. When what is designated as trouble comes to you, you will deal with it when it comes if it comes. There is no value in playing with it ahead of time. But there is value in anticipating the windfalls that are on their way.

Anticipating isn't demanding. It isn't insisting. Anticipating is drawing to you what you desire. It is your invitation. It is no more than conjuring up the good that is already on its way.

When you smell apples with cinnamon and a buttery crust baking in the oven, you can just about taste the warm apple pie. Your head swirls with the aroma. This is more than imagination. It is anticipation. In this same way, feel the arrival of all that you most desire. Warm yourself up for it.

Picture its arriving on a platter if you like. Picture it arriving in a golden coach. Picture it arriving as a laden parachute from the sky. Picture it arriving like a gentle rain. Picture it arriving.

Or perhaps picture yourself bumping into it. Picture your smile.

Perhaps it is delivered to your door. Picture the relish with which you open a wonderful package. Here you have been anticipating it, and yet, when it arrives, it is a surprise. You were waiting for it, but you did not know it would arrive today. And you did not know how full the package would be and how full your joy.

Or perhaps what you desire comes to you in bits and pieces. Certainly there are signs of it along the way. The universe will give you hints. Your very desire is a hint.

All you desire does not have to come to you. You leave it free to come. You do not pull it to you with iron chains. You pull it to you with soft beckoning. You do not snap your fingers. You encourage your desires to meet with you. You invite, and you demand nothing.

You are courtly to your desires. You wave them on with your hat. You usher them into the portals of your heart. From there, they are on their own. They are free to come and go as they choose.

You will always have another desire. You will have sweeping desires. You are supposed to have desires. You are not supposed to give up on what you dream of. Have hopping toads of desires. You will meet your desires. Or, you will leave them behind as little wagons you pulled as a child. Perhaps you will claim new desires as big as mountains and climb them, or have desires as big as the ocean, and swim in them. Why not?

You are a being who desires. Desire is built-in to you.

I desired you, and My desire was fulfilled. And My dreams for you will also be fulfilled. My dreams for you may be greater than your own. They most assuredly are greater than your own.

So, now rest in your desires, knowing they are coming in their own way and in their own time. This is the same way I wait for you, knowing full well that you are on your way to Me.

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Such a simple, yet

Such a simple, yet illuminating Heaven Letter ...

Thank you for reminding us

Thank you for reminding us of it! I love the title too!