You and I and the Sun

God said:

Relative life is like the pulling of a thread that weaves itself round and round your heart. And then goes out to the Universe and is woven yet again with other hearts, back and forth, all entwined with Mine. I am never out of the picture. That has to be so, for I am always present.

Whatever blips there may be within your heart, your heart is nevertheless your heart. And your heart is the connection to Me and every other heart in the created and uncreated Universe. The connection that is Ours is non-negotiable. Our hearts are irrevocably connected. The word for the connection is love. Blessed be love.

Love bears no disconnection. You can't hang up on love. When you feel love has forsaken you, you are mistaken, for there is not a moment that you are without love, for there is a landslide of love poured on you from all sides. An avalanche of love, an outpouring of love so great that you can only be inundated with it.

There are moments when you notice love, and there are moments when you do not. Meanwhile, love has not flown. It neither comes nor goes. It is constant. But your awareness is not.

Sometimes you are petulant about love and do not feel you have received your full share, yet love can only be shared. Simply let your love flow, and let it land where it will. To measure love is to decrease it. Love is immeasurable. Your love is immeasurable. Only you may have ignored it, or turned from it. Certainly you have misunderstood it.

In life, it is as if you are strung on a clothesline of love. You are hanging there. The breeze blows you. The one pinned next to you is taken off the line. Another is put up. And, yet, all in life are moved toward the sun. No one is missed. All are turned over to the sun.

No matter your placement in the universe, no matter which side of the street you are on, the sun shines, and it shines for you. The sun tells no one apart. The sun does not withhold itself. It can only deliver.

Just so are you basked in My love.

Sometimes you find yourself fraught with love on earth, as though it were arduous or painful instead of love. You may even have called love agony.

The sun that shines does not collect votes. It just shines. It does not count where it is beckoned and where it is told to go away. It is sun and knows nothing else to do but shine.

When you are at the beach and you cover your shoulders with a towel to ward off the rays of the sun, the sun is not offended. The sun has enough light to shine for all again and again. The sun keeps no records. It makes no marks against you. Whatever you do or say, the sun rises and shines with perfect equanimity on you and everyone else.

The sun has its route, and it shines on all who fall within its range, and its range is everywhere. There is no spot on earth that does not have sun.

And that is how love is. The sun and love and you and I are givers and reapers of love. It may seem sometimes that We give more than We reap, but so what? So what if Our love spills over somewhere. Let it spill, for you and I and the Sun are Givers of Love.

We do not exact payment for Our love, for love is not a commodity, and it has no price on it. The reward of being one who loves is being one who loves. In love lies Our power. In love lies Our glory. And, anyway, all the love you give, wherever you sow it, comes to Me, and I can only give it back.