Your God-Given Love

God said:

If you never had hurt feelings, you would love unconditionally. It is thoughts about yourself that prevent you from loving with your whole heart. You believe that someone loves you one minute and not the next, and so conditions are born, and you respond accordingly. You believe that love can be withdrawn, and so you withdraw. You believe that love does not really belong to you, neither as a receiver or giver.

Sometimes you measure out the love according to how much you feel you are given. You will go only so far in giving love, and no further. You think you have to follow the pace set for you.

Beloved, what if you are the one to set the pace? What if you are an all-giver, and you give all your love all the time? Where do hurt feelings enter in? What if you really have no thought of return?

I do not mean that you slobber love all over. I mean that you acknowledge the love you are, and so you give love, not based on ego, but based on Vastness. Not based on How much or How little. Not based on perceived merit, but based on love as the stream of life.

Why shouldn’t you pour out your love wherever you are and under whatever circumstances? Why should anyone or anything displace your God-given love?

Come from the premise that there can be no lack of love. You cannot run out of love. Love is not apportioned piecemeal. It is not given out in percentages, or, the only percentage it is given is 100%. Since when are you supposed to give less than what is given to you? Even a little less is much too less.

You are not to hoard love. You are not to keep it in reserve. The measure of your love is not to be set by anything or anyone outside you. Love is not a commodity to be bargained with as at a street fair. Love is not a commodity. It is not on the stock market. Love must be given freely without obstruction. All the obstructions you see or fear are imaginary. Love, beloveds. Just love, and be done with it. Make the decision once and for all that nothing will block the free giving of your love.

You will no longer set aside some of your love. No longer will your love be apportioned here, and not there. No longer will you tease with your love, holding it up and taking it back. You will be consistent with love. There will simply be no holds barred to your giving of love. Love does not have to be earned. It is not a salary to be paid. Love is love and nothing else but love.

Constricted love is love constricted. If you restrict the love you give, you are not giving your full share. Love is not to be given minimally. It is to be given abundantly.

Remove your ego from love, and you will love the way you are meant to love. You will never withdraw love. Your love will never be dependent upon anything but itself. You will love fully and always. Make the decision now, and then forget about it. When the dams of love are opened, they are opened. You will simply love without thought of it.

You will find yourself enjoying even those you did not enjoy before. With love, all things are possible. You are a harbinger of love, and now is the time to strike with love. The real thing. Today you love. Tomorrow you love. You love regardless. You are meant to love with all your heart. Start now. It is My Will.

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EMPTINESS I stand before


I stand before You,
Oh my Creator,
Naked in my soul
And with empty hands.

I stand before You
So that You may
Clothe me anew
With Your grace.

I stand before You
So that you may fill
My empty hands
With Your Love.


God is Love and so are you! :-)

I love you, Gloria... THANK

I love you, Gloria...
THANK YOU for doing what your heart leads you to do...!

May we ALL give from the vastness of the LOVE that WE ARE
as is so beautifully described in this HEAVEN LETTER :-)

your Heavenly Friend,

PS- I love you, Gloria...!

Beloved Rod, it is God you

Beloved Rod, it is God you love!

Aren't you the Heavenly Friend who introduced Susan Duval of Susan Duval Seminars in Pennsylvania who brought us 20 new subscribers in a day and a half?

Aren't you the Rod we have a great photo of on the Reader Comments page? how did you get those wings there anyway?!!

4 Heavenletter Haikus for

4 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said pour out love
Acknowledge the love you are
As the stream of life

God said love fully
Love today and tomorrow
For it is My Will

God said find yourself
You are the love regardless
You are the real thing

God said love is love
Give all your love all the time
Your God-given love

Love, Light and Aloha!

Hi, I signed up to this


I signed up to this newsletter a few weeks ago and the messages you share in it has helped me so much.

Thank you,

Welcome, dear Danny. Will

Welcome, dear Danny. Will you tell us how reading Heavenletters has helped you? Of course, it is music to my ears to hear this. I'm so glad.

With love and blessings,