pure love

Your Heart Is Beautiful

God said:

Your heart, your beautiful heart! It is your heart, beloved. It is the midpoint between the world and Heaven. It has its feet in two boats. One boat is anchored in Heaven, and one boat is wobbly on Earth. Heaven is your love boat, beloveds. And the Earth boat seems to have no anchor, though, of course, Heaven is its anchor. There would be no Earth life without Heaven to secure it.

There Can Be Understanding

God said:

Think of how wonderful are the letters of the alphabet. What an invention! Feel the sound of letters on your lips and tongue. So many beautiful sounds. Consider Beta. Consider Blessed, Beloved, Being. Consider all the beautiful letters and the sounds the letters make. There are also words formed with the same letters that are not so wonderful. Is it the sound of the word or connotation, or is it both, or is it something else altogether?

You Are Part of the Grand Design

God said:

Have reverence for life and all the Beings who share the Universe with you. Have reverence for yourself, for you too are part of the Overall Grand Design.

The Deep Silence of Love

God said:

How about it? Why don't We take a break today from whatever is on your mind? Let's just relax into the Beingness of Our Love and forget about everything else. There is always something on your mind, is there not? Let's empty your mind for a while and simply enjoy the love We share. Let's just love and not mind about anything else.

The Upside

God said:

The upside of illness is that you can get well.

The upside of illness is that you can regard it in many ways. As dire as illness may seem and be, you can look at it as a language that you have not yet understood. You can regard illness as a friend who has something to tell you. Your friend, illness, comes closer, and you can look at him in many ways. You can look at him as punishment, the price you pay for having done something wrong, even when you don't know what you did, and may really have not done anything. Certainly, no one would deserve illness.

A River of Love

God said:

You are a beautiful jewel that I hold in My hand and turn to the light. How you catch the light, and in so many ways! I turn you toward the Sun, and you become all light. My light and your light become One. There is no longer My hand holding you. There is simply Our light shining.

Beloveds, the Truth of You

God said:

The Truth of you is love. Anything that is not the Truth of you is less. You are an unlimited Being of Truth. Limits you set upon yourself or others are not true. They are false. When you sell yourself short, you are being untrue to yourself. You are being false to yourself. You betray the Truth of yourself. When you set limits upon others, you are betraying their Truth.

If you say you are hopeless or incapable, you are telling lies about yourself.

The Ocean Bright

God said:

Are your emotions like a deck of playing cards that you go through, perhaps several times a day? Do you perhaps spread out the cards and pick one, and then another?

Are your emotions like a scale you run up and down?

Do you perhaps feel that you are obligated to touch upon each card?

How many emotions do you go through in one day?

Pure Love, Pure Beingness

Gloria to God:

Dear Father of All, I came across Matthew 6:7 in a Bible Crossword puzzle: "When ye pray, use not vain repetitions." It doesn't mean not to say repetitive prayers, does it?


It means not to just mouth the words but to be present with them, to repeat a prayer with your heart impulsing it.

If you pray without heart, it is like your hand giving a penny to one who asks while your eyes do not look upon the one you toss it to.

More of What Love Is About

God said:

The expression "Love everlasting" isn't quite correct because there is no corollary to the permanence of love. It cannot unlast. It can only be. It is all that can be. Nothing else is nor can be. Love can be kicked around — it is kicked around — and yet it is still love and it is unaffected.

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