Your Heart Is Beautiful

God said:

Your heart, your beautiful heart! It is your heart, beloved. It is the midpoint between the world and Heaven. It has its feet in two boats. One boat is anchored in Heaven, and one boat is wobbly on Earth. Heaven is your love boat, beloveds. And the Earth boat seems to have no anchor, though, of course, Heaven is its anchor. There would be no Earth life without Heaven to secure it.

We could say you have your Heaven heart, which is pure love shining. We could say your Earth heart trembles. Your Earth heart wanders into detours and sometimes feels lost, sometimes feels caught in littleness. Certainly it is from littleness that all the vagrant emotions come. Certainly, emotions like anger and so on do not come from the Heaven side. The Heaven side of life within you is your Greatness, beloveds. Everyone has it. No matter how overtaken by the underbrush on Earth, no matter how seemingly rocky, everyone's heart has the reflection of Heaven within it. Every heart. Every single heart.

You may shake your head and say that is not possible. Shake your head all you want, and yet it is true that all hearts are One. No matter what the evidence, all hearts are God-given, and no matter what one seeming heart may portray, all hearts have exactly the same ingredients. I call them ingredients for want of a better word. All hearts are sculpted from the same clay.

And each heart is stamped with My love.

Hearts on Earth are mixed-up, some more, some less.

While you are on Earth, you are discovering the wealth within the singular heart you call your own. You are discovering the Universal Heart without which you would not exist.

No matter how backward a heart may seem, no matter how darkened, there is the bright light of Heaven shining within it.

I gave everyone a brilliant heart, a heart brilliant in its light from Me, from Heaven, from Greatness.

Greatness is simplicity, beloveds. A heart full of pure love is not complicated. It couldn't be more simple. It is the hearts full of diverse emotions that are complicated. Many errant emotions with many names for themselves hang in your heart. They are complex indeed. Beloveds, despite all you know, I tell you that there is no place for errant emotions in your heart. Your heart is meant for greater. I extol to you the greatness of your heart. I ask you to remove the straggling emotions that bind your heart.

When the emotion in your heart is not love, it does not belong. Earth life, beloveds, is no excuse for errant emotions. Your heart is big enough to hold only Heaven love. You cannot displace the love in your heart, and yet you can give it more room. Let your Heaven heart have full sway.

If you want all the happiness in the world, then you must open your heart to love in and love out. Let anything else flee from your heart. What use are unconstructive emotions? What earthly good are they to you?

You may have thought that you had to be at the mercy of unhappy emotions. Who says that? Not I. Then it must be you.

Keep love close to you, for it is dear. Let all the other interlopers go. They are a waste.

When you let go of the past, your heart will no longer house the unfriendly emotions. They are leftover sludge from the past. The old emotions are not to hang onto the heels of your heart.

Your heart is beautiful, and I want you to know this. Hold your heart high, and nourish it with its own love. Heaven resides in your heart. What else do you need? What else could you possibly want? What else would you hold to you when you are in your heart of love?

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True ¤ My Heart

True ¤ My Heart


Out of the last dozen or so heaven letters, at least half
have gone into our re-read file and perhaps half of those
into our "keeper" file. It's quite wonderful to think or
imagine that as we are reading ours, there are people
around the world reading the same one in a different
language and likely feeling the very same feelings and
emotions that we are--some universal emotion not bound by
petty human constructs such as race, ethnicity,
nationality, tribe, religion. Rather we connect on the
one and only level that matters--the human, humane level
which is where God truly, surely resides.

I am not sure how your plans are coming along as regards
leaving Iowa--please let us know, although it is likely on
your blog. Is that where it would be?

I love the perspective you

I love the perspective you have on Heavenletters, Jerry. I too love the idea that the Heavenletter I am reading is being read all over the world by people I know and people I have no idea of. For that moment, we are all are together in the Heart of God, and we feel a touch of Oneness.

I'm so glad too that you asked about the Oneness Tour. We have been anticipating that for a long time!

For those who may not know about the Oneness Tour, it is a good will journey (and Godwriting workshops) across the United States, down the west coast to South America all the way to the tip of Argentina. Then we will turn around and stop at Capilla del Monte, Argentina, where Santhan (Heaven Admin) will build a beautiful spiritual center. Whatever Santhan does is beautiful. The Spiritual Center will then be my home.

Right now Santhan is taking steps to create the World's 1st Solar Powered Electric Motor Home for the Oneness Journey. And that's what we will travel in!

And other people may also travel with us.

Right now a European Godwriting Tour is being scheduled for June. More about this soon.

Thanks again, dear Jerry.

It's nice to be back

Sweet One:

This word reminds me of the beauty of your heart and HIS heart. I'm still getting caught up with earth trifles, like food and stuff.

George barely able to see

Beloved George, do you hear

Beloved George, do you hear us jumping for joy because you are back!

Sleeping longer in the morning

Beloved Gloria I'm glad to be back. Glad to be missed. At 84 glad to be breathing and having fun. But I'm tired and need rest! Love

George noddding in sem-isleep

George again!

Oh, ciao ciao, beloved George!

I'm so happy-happy you are here again!

We want you so much!


Worldwide Heavenletters

I wish to echo Gloria's feelings about your perspective on Heavenletters, Jerry. It is such a beautiful thought, full of promise, that so many around the world are blessed with such uplifting and loving words. I thank God for the internet and I thank God for the many eyes and hands that read these words and pass them on to others......feeling love and promise bursting at the seams.....Chuck

P S: And it is wonderful that you are back with us George, we missed ya :-)

footprints in the sand


Beloved Lucinda, we've

Beloved Lucinda, we've missed you too! Are Heavenletters not reaching you? Please email me and give me your email address so we can find out why you aren't receiving Heavenletters. We sure want it to be easy for you to read Heavenletters.

You wanted to know the source of Footprints in the Sand. It is a very beautiful poem by Mary Stevenson.

God bless you.

With love,


2 Heavenletter Haikus for

2 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said Beloveds
Heaven resides in your heart
In its light from Me

God said for you dear
Let your Heaven heart open
To love in and out

Love, Light and Aloha!