true happiness

Even in Deserts, Flowers Bloom

God said:

Even in the deserts of the world, flowers bloom. And everywhere hearts bloom. In the most dire circumstances, hearts triumph. Even in the most auspicious circumstances, there are hearts that do not bloom. It must be that they refuse to.

Truly, all the circumstances in the world are not the key that prevent you from happiness, nor do all the circumstances give you the happiness you and I both want you to have. In the midst of plenty, there is sorrow. In the midst of little or nothing, there is great happiness. Can you argue this?

Your Heart Is Beautiful

God said:

Your heart, your beautiful heart! It is your heart, beloved. It is the midpoint between the world and Heaven. It has its feet in two boats. One boat is anchored in Heaven, and one boat is wobbly on Earth. Heaven is your love boat, beloveds. And the Earth boat seems to have no anchor, though, of course, Heaven is its anchor. There would be no Earth life without Heaven to secure it.

Inner Life

God said:

Happiness in the relative world is only relative. Happiness in the world goes up and down like a boat in the ocean or a toy boat in the bathtub, dependent upon the waves. The happiness that goes beyond worldly events exists in one note alone. It sits very still, and yet it vibrates at a fast pace, too fast for the eye to see. The happiness that is within is quiet, doesn't move, and yet it breaks all boundaries. There is no place for the happiness within to move to. It knows it is surrounded on all sides. It meets happiness on all sides. So it neither stays still nor does it move.

You Will Meet Your Universality

God said:

In service to Me, you will serve yourself well. Service to Me, by no means, means that you shortchange yourself. What it may mean is that you change your thinking, beloveds, for the benefit of all. In any case, you do not go it alone in life.

Be God's Love

God said:

God first.

This is not from My ego, for I have none.

This is setting you straight.

What is first comes first. Anything else is faking it. Only Truth satisfies.

Satiate yourself with Me.

I cannot do it for you, though I do everything else.

That is the free choice of which you are made.

You can make anything first that you choose.

You can make anything last as you choose.

And you have chosen illusion over Me.

You have put everything else first.

Think a little of Me.

Cast Me a role in your life.

Acknowledge My role in your life.

Acknowledge My love.


God said:

Never mind if you believe in Me. It is enough to believe in Godness. Godness I am.

I am a Truth-Sayer and a Truth-Giver.

I am a Hound of Truth.

I am Truth and the Essence of It.

I am all-good, for I am All-God.

What would God be? That Which I Am.

I am your Mentor.

I am your Far-Seer.

I am your Benefactor.

I am your Deliverer.

But I am not a Tooth Fairy, I am not a Fairy Godmother, and I am not Santa Claus — as you think of them.

And yet I am they too.

I give to you.

I give all to you.

And you have it.

You Are Mine

God said:

Hear My thoughts, and they will become yours.

Much of your thinking is frivolous energy, like static on the radio.

My thinking is pure and focused.

Let Me be your background music, for that is how you will be clear and strong.

What do you want?

Yes, consider what you want and why you want it. What you want propels you to it. There may be a difference between want and desire. Desire is a bigger aspect of your wants. Desire is longer and more basic. Desire follows you, and you follow wants. Follow your desires. Let your desires be great and your wants few.

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