You Are Mine

God said:

Hear My thoughts, and they will become yours.

Much of your thinking is frivolous energy, like static on the radio.

My thinking is pure and focused.

Let Me be your background music, for that is how you will be clear and strong.

What do you want?

Yes, consider what you want and why you want it. What you want propels you to it. There may be a difference between want and desire. Desire is a bigger aspect of your wants. Desire is longer and more basic. Desire follows you, and you follow wants. Follow your desires. Let your desires be great and your wants few.

Wants are sporadic. Desire comes from Me. And your deepest desire is for Me. You try to find Me with your wants. You think your wants are the way to Me, but they are byways.

Ask for greater. Ask for more. Ask for enough. Ask for the ocean and not a cup of water.

Ask for the Fulfiller and not just for fulfillment.

This is crucial because your mind has to clear itself in order to do this. And it is the heart that will clear your mind.

Brilliant are My thoughts. False starts are yours, little sparks that light for a moment. Catch the Sun. Why not? It shines for you.

Become close to Me, and you will speak My mind. Christ read My mind, and he spoke it. He was clued into Me. That was his greatness. He knew whereof he spoke. He was authentic because of his union with Me. He recognized Me. He chose Me.

I chose him not more than I choose you, for I have one child in My heart, and that is you. And it is you I call, and it is you who will answer, for you will answer.

Answer now, and hasten Heaven.

You herald Heaven. You announce it. What is Heaven but the horizon that is before you? When you reach the horizon before you, you are in Heaven. You have ushered it to you. And you cannot usher it to you alone. It is you who will reveal Heaven. See it, and it will be revealed.

Look Heavenward. Look to the vastness of Heaven and not the smallness you have been used to. Smallness was perpetrated upon earth. Take your eyes off smallness.

Smallness is a thread. Greatness is a great cloak. The Sun wraps its cloak around the world, and all the universe is warmed by it. And you have focused on a thread. You have focused on absence rather than presence.

Attend to My greatness that leaps in you.

Not one of you can escape your greatness, for it is Mine, and I put it there within you. And you deny it. You disavow it. You act like a beggar on earth. Your hand is out. Your posture bent. You are not even sure that you have the right to be there.

When you accept that I have put you there — and there is here — you will know your rights and your privileges.

Remember who you truly are, and your back will straighten, and your hand will give.

Have the awareness of your blessed place on earth.

It is where you are right now.

You have all the power to spread My light. Mine is the only light there is, and I have given it to you to shine. Is that a lot for Me to ask? That you be who you are? That you shine the light I gave you? That you know love in the accepting of it from on high? That you know love by simply being it? That you let love settle on you? That you radiate it by not stopping it? That you emanate God's love and light on earth by recognizing you are steeped in it? That you receive the light the Sun sends you? That you bask in it?

Where does happiness lie? Wherever you and I are. For happiness is truth and anything else is illusion, and so you have illuded yourself when you do not see the bright light of the Sun shining to and from you.

You have dwelt much on nothingness, and not enough on Everythingness.

All the honor given to the memory of Christ is given to you — for the Christ that you so honor is the truth of you — so that you may come out of hiding and reveal your truth.

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Desire comes from Me. And

Desire comes from Me. And your deepest desire is for Me.
Ask for the ocean and not a cup of water.
Ask for the Fulfiller and not just for fulfillment.

Thank you sweetest Father/Mother.
Love you.