Buddha Sat under a Banyan Tree

God said:

What miracle would you want today? Would you want the sun to shine, winds to blow, fresh air to breathe, mountains and oceans to see? Would you like the blue sky by day and the dark blue star-filled sky by night? Would you like water to drink and water to wash your hands with? Would you like faces to light up when they see you? Would you like smiles to come out like stars when you appear?

Would you like love and love alone to stay in your heart? Would you be happy to see anguish and all its brothers and sisters flee from your heart and from the face of the world?

Wherein Lies Greatness

God said:

Goodness is rampant. Look around you. Look at the beautiful souls who arrest your attention. Look at all the kindness. Look at all the beauty. It is breathtaking. It is earth-shattering, this phenomenon of love.

You will see smiles. You will see the sweetness of life. This is what you must look for, such sweetness that candy will pall next to it, such sweetness that you will remember life is a gift for you. Find this kernel of sweetness, palpable, lovely on Earth, grown at your behest.


God said:

What is progress but greater joy in life? Despair is not progress. Soul-searching is not even progress. Joy is progress. Be open to more joy in life. Have it. Claim it.

Filled with joy, you honor Me. I could even say that joy is your duty, but joy is your joy. I do not know how to separate joy and love. Have joy in life, and you will love life for the enchantment that it is.

An Ocean of God

God said:

This life you live is an opportunity for greatness. Adjure to it. No matter what you may think, you are rising to greatness.

If greatness is a ladder you climb, you are climbing it. This is an extension ladder you are on, and when you reach the top, you find there is higher yet to go. And so you keep climbing.

Others climb the same ladder with you, and as you climb, their climb is made easier.

You are one who ventures where no one else has gone. And you are one who cares about those who seemingly come after you and before you.

You Are Miracle

God said:

You are miracle. You do not always know what a beautiful being you are. Is it not a miracle that apples grow from a mere tree? That from a mere seed a tomato comes? Is it not all miracle, My beloveds. You are no less than an apple core or a tomato seed. Such greatness resides in you.

No matter how lowly-appearing, how insignificant-appearing, you and everyone else are seeds of magnificence. You are My seed.

You are overwhelmingly powerful. A glance from you can shrink or nurture. You can shrink a flower or you can help it blossom. You can make a child happy or unhappy. Have you not?

Where God Has Been All Along

God said:

No longer will you belabor points. You will let more of life fall where it may, like a springtime rain, like blossoms from a tree, like words from a page.

When you read a book, you don't try to change the words as you go along. Like petals, you let the words fall where they may. Of course, with a book, if you don't like it, you can stop reading any time you like. You can get off in midstream. You don't even have to begin reading a book that doesn't appeal to you at all.

Something Really Wonderful Today

God said:

There is something I would like you to do for Me today. Will you do it?

I am not going to tell you ahead of time what it is. I am going to leave it to you to know at the moment what it is, and then to do it. Is it understood that I am leaving it to you to discover and to you to fulfill? In other words, do you understand that I rely on you to take care of your share of the world today?

You Will Meet Your Universality

God said:

In service to Me, you will serve yourself well. Service to Me, by no means, means that you shortchange yourself. What it may mean is that you change your thinking, beloveds, for the benefit of all. In any case, you do not go it alone in life.

The Stillness of You

God said:

When I tell you to keep looking up, I am telling you to be in the present. I am not telling you to look away. I am telling you to see Truth. What you have been embroiled in is not truth. It is deception. You have deceived yourself.

You have pretended to believe in what is not true. Somewhere along the line, you knew it. You knew there was else. You knew that that which appeared right before you was not all that life on Earth offers. It couldn't be. If that were all, Human life would be pointless.

There is much meaning to you.

In the Presence of Greatness

God said:

Sometimes you feel such great love for Me that you fear you cannot contain it. You, who are the sum total of My love, fear you are not equal to it.

You are right that you are more than a container, for you are the content and extent of My love. If you were a container, there would be a line drawn around you, and there is no line. Light does not have lines. It has rays. And you are one of them.

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