God said:

What is progress but greater joy in life? Despair is not progress. Soul-searching is not even progress. Joy is progress. Be open to more joy in life. Have it. Claim it.

Filled with joy, you honor Me. I could even say that joy is your duty, but joy is your joy. I do not know how to separate joy and love. Have joy in life, and you will love life for the enchantment that it is.

Joy runs through all of life. It is seamless. There would not be life without it. Joy, like love, always is. Joy is lying around all over the place. You have perhaps been dedicated to work more than joy, to heaviness rather than lightness. Now let work be your joy. Have joy foremost in your attention, and work will be joyous.

Perhaps you have been Atlas holding the world up on your shoulders. You can let go. The earth will not drop. Atlas had the illusion that the world required his strength, but he did not have to hold the world up. The world does not require being held. The world is secured by golden means.

If you are like Atlas, I tell you to let go of the weight of so much responsibility. Clamber up to the top of the world. The top of the world and the bottom of the world are the same. The world turns anyway, but how you view where you are is all the difference. Dance right up to the top.

You are essential to the world as joy not gravity. Your responsibility is joy. Fulfill your responsibility to make joy. Look for joy to lift you up more than you look for weight to pull you down. Shrug weight off your shoulders, for you are free. You are not beholden to earth except to make it joyous.

Carry out your responsibilities duty-free. They are not meant to be taxing. Jump for joy for your responsibilities. Love is streaming to you through them.

You are part of the back and forth in the world. Exchange love and joy. They are the meaning of every transaction. Nothing else is.

All of this is the same as telling you to be true to your heart. You can only take joy then. Joy-heartedness comes before everything else, for then you are in your truth. Do not sell your heart for a potage. Do not take joy away from another. When you take advantage of another, it is yourself you deny.

Favor that which is abiding. Love and joy abide, and they abide in your heart. Take joy in giving joy, and you will be enriched.

Business is not different from life. The business world is not separate from life. It is not meant to depart from it. It does not triumph over life. Business is no excuse for belying yourself. Be a champion of joy. There is no joy where joy is not for another. When you wrest joy from another, it flies off. Nothing of joy is left in your hand when you have left someone else without it. What you leave someone else with is what you leave yourself with.

Follow your star. Be greatness in the world. There is no place for smallness. Only greatness fits. You were destined to be great. You have no other destiny.