You Grow in Increments of Love

God said:

Consider all the contrasts in life as platforms you jump from. All that befalls propels you forward. You leap from one view to another. With each leap, you stand at a higher place, even though this higher place may perhaps be imperceptible to you. There really is no stopping in life, for all of life is progressive motion. This includes the situations you would rather not have. There is only motion forward. You have come a long way. That is more than consolation. It is growth.

One way or another, you are catapulting forward. No matter how the trail you have trodden winds around and around, it is always taking you forward. You cannot go backward. You cannot retrace old footsteps, for your feet no longer fit. Furthermore, you cannot stay where you are because you have already gone past it.

Chemically and in every way, you are not the exact same as you were yesterday. The electricity of your thoughts have taken a different turn. Letting go of old thoughts is the same as propelling yourself forward.

And yet there is a core of you that is steady and is always known as you.

You know, of course, that I do not go by your outer raiments. I look for you. I do not weigh your world accomplishments, for that is not My occupation. I see the radiance of you. It glows in My heart. We signal each other in the depths of your beautiful heart.

Even when you err and manifest less than love, even when your heart is concerned with apparent lack of love, you are thinking about love. Even when you rue a moment of love missed, your heart is on love. Now you go on to the next moment. Love yourself even when you have been amiss. You will catch up to yourself. You will.

You grow in increments of love, and love withheld nevertheless pushes you forward. No step is backward. You are going straight ahead. And you are moving just at the right speed. Fast-seeming or slow-seeming, you are at the right pace. Think of it. You are all right. You are right on time and you are in the right place for now.

When trees shed their leaves, they do not mourn. They enjoy the leaning back of winter as much as the blossoming of spring. Winter led to spring and so on. All things lead to another. What is in your hand is in your hand and is to be seen as the gift it is. All seasons in life have merit. All contribute to you. None are wasted. All serve.

Just so, in your life, whatever travail, it is for something. When you think of life as reward and punishment, you do a disservice to life. All that transpires has a purpose. Creation is not purposeless. What slips away slips away, and that is fine because it served its purpose. All in life has purpose. And you have purpose. You do not have to be clear on what your purpose is, but you will do well to be clear that you, indeed, have purpose.

Purpose is part of life, and it does not always show up in a blazing light. Even those in history who have done great things and are known for them, you cannot know what other purpose they had beyond their inventions or heroism. They lived for more than fame.

Deep down, you do have awareness that you are a giant on earth and that you have the destiny of a giant. May someone you meet today reap the benefit of what you are on earth for.

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Even when I err and manifest

Even when I err and manifest less than love, You say I am all right. You are so accepting and easy on me, thank You Father.

Yes, and imagine how

Yes, and imagine how wonderful it will feel when God finally succeeds in teaching us to be ourselves "so accepting and easy" on ourselves. Being easy on ourselves, what problem could there possibly be? Thanks, dear Doots, for finding this gem of a Heavenletter for us.