There Is a Lodestar

God said:

I am true to your heart. Your heart knows Me very well. Connect yourself to the love and wisdom of your heart, and you will be diving into the depths of Our mutual connection. We are intimately connected. We are entwined. We are indissoluble. For greater awareness of Our Love, just join Me in your awareness.

It is like I am the engineer of your heart. There is so much to see and entertain on this train of life that you are enrapt in the sights, and you forget the Engineer who keeps everything going.

Remember Me now. Enclasp Me in your vision. In your imagination, pull Me toward you, or rush to meet Me. That we are One is not imagined. It's just that you may have to imagine it in order to conjure your awareness. Welcome Me into your heart and life. Move over for Me.

Consider Me your spine that holds you straight. Consider Me your chin that goes ahead of you. Consider Me your legs. Your legs seem to move you physically, but I am the Mover. Consider Me your fingers that reach and touch. Consider Me that which your fingers reach and touch. Grasp Me wholeheartedly. Feel the completeness of Our Oneness, this unified Oneness, this Oneness beyond Itself, this Oneness of Entirety, this Oneness of Love Supreme, this Oneness that stills the heart at the same time it makes it beat.

I am located nowhere if not within you. I am not faux. I am located everywhere, even though space does not exist. I am for all time, even though time does not exist. The two big concepts you hold real in earth life are faux. To even think of this, you feel your moorings slip away, but time and space are not your moorings. I am your mooring, and you are Mine, and We cannot slip away from each other.

When a woman on earth is pregnant, she carries a child. She carries it for Me. It is I Who conceived the child. Human involvement is only the carrying out. It is said that the mother gives birth to the child, but she is merely the carrier. She did not make the child nor did she give it life. This is My doing. This is My miracle. You are a conveyance of miracle.

All of this earthly life that seems to come through you is given to you. You are gifted to experience this grand design. If all of life were really up to you, you would feel sequestered and alone. You are a great being in the Universe, and you do great things, you play a great part, but there is One God of the Universe. God does. Whether you concur or not, you follow along.

There is a Lodestar, and aren't you glad? Would you prefer to have nothing to go by? Do you really want to be the inventer of life?

Fortunately you are guided in life, and I guide you. The closer you come to Me in your awareness, the more you follow in My footsteps. It is not that you ask Me for permission of where to go and what to do. It is that you find the impulse in your heart. It is My impulse you register. And your heart says, "Ahh."

Would you really like to go it alone?

In the world, you look for a companion to share life with. I, the Silent Partner, I am the One Who brings you together. I have sent you everyone who comes into your life. They did not stray there. And they were given to you to inspire you and so that they may reap your inspiration.

You will find that inspiration in your heart. You are pregnant with inspiration I have planted. Come close to Me now, and find My heart deep within yours.

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Existence of Lodestar (Reply)

Well, I did not find this message accidentally. It has a very uplifting effect. Thankyou. Now where would I be without You?