divine guidance

All the Riches of the Kingdom

God said:

If I saw as you do see, I would have given up a long time ago! Have not you perhaps given up a long time ago? Have you not sometimes said, "To heck with life! I'm tired of it. I have had enough. I don't like the world the way it is. I am tired of my mere survival. I want to exceed survival. I want to enjoy life."

There Is a Lodestar

God said:

I am true to your heart. Your heart knows Me very well. Connect yourself to the love and wisdom of your heart, and you will be diving into the depths of Our mutual connection. We are intimately connected. We are entwined. We are indissoluble. For greater awareness of Our Love, just join Me in your awareness.

It is like I am the engineer of your heart. There is so much to see and entertain on this train of life that you are enrapt in the sights, and you forget the Engineer who keeps everything going.

The Threshold

God said:

My Beloveds, you stand at a gate and you hesitate to enter. What holds you back? It is old thoughts. What are fears but old thoughts coming back to roost? What you think is wisdom is often folly. Is it not folly to stand at My door and not come in? You have been invited. You have been urged. You have been sought. You have been beckoned. There is only one direction to go in, but you stand and wait before you take another step.

Fear freezes you.

Let My love unfreeze you.

Allow and Be Innocent

God said:

You think you have to understand everything when you hardly know anything.

Understanding isn't what you need.

Allowing Me and My love and wisdom is what you need.

Take yourself off the hook.

Put down your swords.

You have a Protector and a Guide and a Lover and a Sage. You have a Joy-Giver.

Look at My beloved animals. Emulate them.

They follow you happily.

Your dog jumps into the car.

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