Allow and Be Innocent

God said:

You think you have to understand everything when you hardly know anything.

Understanding isn't what you need.

Allowing Me and My love and wisdom is what you need.

Take yourself off the hook.

Put down your swords.

You have a Protector and a Guide and a Lover and a Sage. You have a Joy-Giver.

Look at My beloved animals. Emulate them.

They follow you happily.

Your dog jumps into the car.

He doesn't say, "Where are we going? How do I know I want to go? Where are you taking me and why? What is the purpose of all this? Please explain it to me. I have to know what's going on. I have to decide."

No, your companion jumps into the car and merrily drives off with you. It doesn't matter to him where you are going. It matters to him to be with you. That is what matters to him. Your presence. Your presence in his life, and his in yours. Your lives intermingle. And the beloved friend who accompanies you looks to you with love in his eyes and sureness in his step, for he is following the one he loves. The one he loves above all. All he wants is to go with you. He knows he is going somewhere with you. That is enough for him.

We know that you do not always know what you are about, and that is where the analogy between Me and you, and you and your companion breaks down.

In your case, even though you are imperfect in your life, your beloved dog follows you. He knows you make mistakes, and still it is worth it to him to be with you. He doesn't care about your mistakes. He cares about you. In some ways, your dear pet is more like Me than you are like Me.

Dear Children, I do not make mistakes, and you hesitate to go with Me. Of course, you do not GO with Me, for you ARE with Me. Your choice is only in your awareness. But what an awareness that is! What a difference that awareness makes!

Do you really want to travel alone? Your illusion is that you can and will and that you prefer it that way. You not only want to master your life, you want to direct Me. It is much more productive to follow Me than to direct Me. Even though I follow you, you cannot direct Me, for misdirection is not of God.

It is easy for you to say what you would do and not do if you were God. But if you were God, you would see more than you see. You would see what I see, and you would love as I love.

My job is easy. It is no job at all. All I have to do is be. In My Being, I lovingly watch you and your antics, and the outcome is assured. One outcome: your passage to Me. Your return to Me in your awareness. Your notice of the well-being of Our Union. That is where We are going.

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Allowing Me and My love and

Allowing Me and My love and wisdom is what you need.
You have a Protector and a Guide and a Lover and a Sage. You have a Joy-Giver.

Amazingly beautiful !
much love