Movie of Your Life

God said:

What are the attributes of God? And how do you know them? What are the qualities of God? Attributeless Love surrounds you. I am the Changeless and the Unchanging, but I also become what you see. You make a picture of Me. Your life also becomes as you see it to be. Make your life and My vision become One. Enough of short-sightedness.

Seeing an inch before you is not good enough. Seeing the long past is irrelevant, for when you look at the past, you see error. When you see error, you think you have to correct it. You think you have to improve life. A little, or a lot. You think you have to.

Your old life is like a black and white movie. You can see it as bleak, or you can impose color upon it, but your old life is still nothing but an old movie reel. Your past life is not your glory. Today is. And your past is not your pain either, for that is past.

Start the movie you make today in color. A vast horizon appears before you, and then you appear on the horizon. You make your movie a western or a melodrama or what you will depending upon the horizon you cast and see before you.

Your movie starts out with your vision of it. Your vision becomes your version of your life.

Let a beautiful vast horizon appear on the screen, filled with dazzling light and fluctuations of it. Behind the whole horizon lies a beautiful God Whose light He shines is so dazzling you cannot see Him but only His light.

What kind of a movie will you make from the start I give you? See the light you have been given, and the movie moves, dappled with My light. Overlook My light, and your movie lacks spark and is choppy.

My dear children, I am before you. Accept. Agree I am here. Include Me. Start to see with My light in your eyes.

There is a God before you Who casts His light. See it.

Can you admit that you do not know everything? You like to think that life is dismal and perpetuated upon you, and at the same time you like to think you have all the answers and know how to make things happen. You say you seek to know My Will, but you seek to have your will underscored. Your perception is your will. It is too little next to Mine.

Again and again, you prove you do not know who you are, and yet you think you know everything. You want to call the tune, and your repertoire is limited.

You want things the way you want them. You want to have the say on your life, as if you knew what was going on and how to solve it. Your tiny vision has seen only rare glimpses of refracted light.

Give up your control. Give it up. Give your life over to Me Who knows what to do with it.

The world will never tell you who you are. No matter how many plaudits the world places upon you, the world does not give you the truth of your identity. Do not look to the world to recognize you. The world gives, and the world takes away. Its eyes alight upon you for just a moment and then flit somewhere else.

I do not take away from you. I am the Giver of Everything. I take nothing away from you. It has been said, "Dust unto dust, ashes unto ashes." I say there is no dust. There are no ashes. Look upon My light, and rely less on your picture of the world.

Describe the God you cannot see. What am I like? Expand your vision. You cannot change Me, but your view of Me can change. It must. Let your heart describe Me. Hear My heart, and your perception will brighten. When your perception brightens, you lift your head up, and you uplift life. The same dance is perceived in many ways. Perceive differently. Perceive as I do perceive. You will see more Light.