Open the Doors of Acceptance

God said:

As you lose your boundaries, you may notice more the boundaries that others keep, and you do not feel the peace you want to gain. You do not feel peace at all. In fact, you feel perturbed.

You may say to yourself: "How do these people who profess to Oneness have such a narrow vision?"

What God Made When He Made You

God said:

You are you no matter what. Day or night, you are you. In the relative world, you are one definable you. In truth, you are Oneness.

You are not all the temporary flavors that you may see yourself limited to. In terms of the world, you may well not be constant. In My terms, you are true and total Oneness. How straight as an arrow is My vision. I can see through tall buildings. Beloveds, I can see through you.

Who Is Being Realistic Now?

God said:

When you say that life is hard, what you are really saying is that life does not always give you what you want or what you demand and insist on. Demand and insist all you want, and you show your belief in winning, and you show your belief in losing as well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. When you venture, the venturing is your gain. That you applied yourself is your gain. In the going for, you gain.

When you can accept that life does not have to deliver what you order, how hard will life be then?

What if everything is all right as it is, even when it doesn't live up to your desires?

Choice vs. Sacrifice

God said:

It is time for you to know in the depths of your heart how much you mean to Me. You mean everything to Me. You are My very life walking on Earth. You are the essence of Me distributed to the world so that I may be known. It doesn't matter by what Name I am known. That matters not at all. What matters is that love is known, and I am that Love. My love in you grows in your awareness in increments. The more love you perceive, the more love you give. We don't concern Ourselves with love that you receive, because that will naturally happen without your looking for it.

You Are a Divine Being

God said:

As My children perceive life on Earth, there is no cure. Have you not been continually looking for a cure to human life? Have you not looked for this workshop or that workshop, this book or that book, this potion, that potion, this elixir of life, that one, this person, that person? You want a solution. You want growth, yet the cure you seem to be seeking may be oblivion.

There is no potion for relative life, beloveds. So long as you hold on to life in the world for dear life, you are subject to it. So long as you sieve out loss and gain, you struggle away from life.

Teacher of Love

God said:

Get used to great inpourings and outpourings of love. Be not shy. Accept and give. Give and accept. Love is what I have devoted you to. You have been waiting for love to surface, and so now see it. See it rampant, love surrounding you and everyone else. You didn't see it so well before. Now you will see very well.

Without awareness of the magnanimity of love, you have been absent. Love never was absent, so it must be that your awareness was, for love and awareness bloom together. It has ever been so.

If You Welcomed All Seasons, What Would You Resist?

God said:

What if every single thing that occurs, no matter how it may seem, is the right thing? If you could know that all that befalls, no matter how distorted, has its value, how fraught with tension and worry could you then be? If all accidents were not accidents, if all crimes were not crimes, if all illness were not illness, how anxiety-ridden could you remain? If you knew that everything, no matter how uncalled for, served a good purpose, what would you bemoan? If you didn't ask why and try and try to figure out the ins and outs of events, how much time and energy would you conserve?

What Determines Your Life?

God said:

A heart that flows is a heart in place. A flowing heart glides over obstacles as if they were bridges. Of course, obstacles are bridges that lead from one place to another. Obstacles do not have to obstruct. They do not have to get out of the way either. You do not have to meet them head-on. You may, of course, or you can go around them, or you can laugh at them, and there are other choices in between. The thing is, there are many ways to step over or go around an obstacle.

The Occasion of Today

God said:

You start tomorrow today. Today you set up tomorrow. How do you treat today? How do you welcome it? As you serve it, you will be served.

Serve with splendor, and you will have a splendid day.

Treat your days with respect.

Days don't hassle you. You hassle them.

You wrest them as though they were something to fend off.

Look forward toward today, and set the tone for tomorrow. Tomorrow is an extension of today. It is like you pull tomorrow after you.

Today is the day you write on, and it is printed tomorrow.

What You Were Made For

God said:

You have ideas of what Truth is or should be. You have ideas of what I should say. Your ideas are preconceived. They are not open but closed. You let in and you keep out.

When I say something that fits in with your presumption of Truth, you nod your head. When it does not, you shake your head and feel: "God doesn't have that quite right… God could do better… Gloria wasn't clear today…"

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