Know Your Abundance

God said:

When you begin to feel My love for you, you begin to feel how good I have been to you. How good your God has been to you. How blessed you are. Like the Sun and the Moon, I have followed you and bestowed upon you all manner of light. You thought you were walking in a wilderness, and now you discover that you have been walking in Paradise with a God Who loves you, a God Who created the moisture of the grape and the winding of its vine, a God Who created the arrowness of a pine tree and the shade of an elm, and put you under both. I spilled out all kinds of treasure before you. I spilled it all out, the seas and the land, the sand and the grape, the mountain and the vale.

I spilled out My love in every form imaginable. Did I leave out anything? What combination have I not made? And I made you and gave you the whole universe to play with.

Here you are, under a Christmas tree, laden with so many gifts you don't know what is before you and what to open first.

From where did the gifts come? Who is the Giver? And who receives? Who exchanges gifts with Me? Who gives Me his joy? Who appreciates the treasures put before him? Who is in awe of the life I have given him? Who knows that he has been enriched?

Be children who receive. Receive, and you can appreciate. First you have to receive. First you have to see the gifts poured upon you. Then you can open them. Then you can see what you have been given.

Perhaps one gift is behind another, and at first, you don't see it. You bemoan: "Where is my gift? Why haven't I been given it? I haven't been given the one thing I really want." And you search. And each gift you open isn't quite yet what you wanted, or you tire of it before it is hardly unwrapped.

You live in a treasure chest, and you think you have been denied.

You think something has been withheld from you.

But you have been the withholder. You have withheld yourself from horizons before you. Reach out your eyes and absorb.

Desire that you appreciate Creation. Desire that you begin to see and appreciate the wonders before you. Desire to see the unopened packages waiting for you, wanting you as much as you want them.

What does life hold for you? Do you see the upward spiral?

Start following the spiral up with your eyes.

You will be surprised with what you see.

And what you see you can give.

Abundance lies before you. Abundance lies within you. You can be generous, for One has been generous with you.

When you think you have been denied, you hold back. Deny yourself denial, and know you have treasure heaped before you. Nothing has been denied you. Everything has been given you.

What if you knew you had been given everything, how different would your life be? When you set out on a journey with everything you need, how do you feel? You have all the resources of the entire universe at your feet. And you are surrounded by all of Heaven.

Furthermore, what if you knew you were royalty? What then? The same you who walks down the street walks differently. The same you who sees sees differently. The same you who speaks speaks differently. Accept your inheritance now.

What if you are a light that lights the hearts of man?

I say you are. I say you are a beacon light on earth. I say that when you recognize and acknowledge your light, you will see more and further and you will be in awe before My beneficence. Be in awe now. You walk through a land filled with treasure, and you only have to look, and appreciation comes of itself. Appreciate the gifts and the Appreciator of All. Appreciate what you have been given and hold your light high so that others may also see what they have been given.

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Be in awe now.

You are indeed coming closer every day. You are imminent as You like to say. Well, okay, it may be I who is coming closer or, rather, resisting less. But something seems imminent, and the name of that something sounds like Aaaahh. It says to me: "Your deepest, most precious and therefore perhaps saddest dreams, whatever they are, even what you might call wildest dreams or impossible dreams, are true now. It's not that they have come true or will come true, they are true from beginningless time. How else could you dream them? All it takes for you to finally see the reality of your dreams is a little shift of perspective, a little refocussing of your lense – and you are home. Simply dare to seriously desire it. Your sadness over what you feel are dreams unattained or unattainable is really joy because something in you just knows that where you want to be is at much less than arm's length."


Thank you, Jochen for filling the gap with this splendid heavenletter. My sadness too may well hide an inner joy, for it is a nostalgia of something wonderful I must know. Your sense of imminence conforts me.

Wonderful Heavenletter !

I spilled out My love in every form imaginable. Did I leave out anything? What combination have I not made? And I made you and gave you the whole universe to play with.

much love to all Heavenangels !