God's Light Shines in You

God said:

You feel your greatness only when you feel Mine.

My greatness is My gift to you.

My greatness is your nourishment.

My greatness keeps you from groping in the dark.

My greatness shines from your eyes.

My greatness beats in your heart.

Your life is an exposition of My light.

Your life is not menial.

Whatever your menial activities — that is not your life. If that were your existence, indeed, what would be the point of it?

Fortunately, there is something more, and I am the Something More.

Without Me, life is colorless.

Without Me, life would not even be.

But you have life, and you have Me.

Consider Me the light that lights you.

Consider Me your greatest desire and your greatest fulfillment.

Consider Me yours, for that is what I am. I am yours. I gave Myself to you when I fashioned you from My hands. Of course, it was not My hands that fashioned you. It was My eyes. I dreamed of you, and then I beheld you. You are My vision on earth. I do not know how to separate My vision and My thought of you. You were My desire, and there you were, My gift to Myself.

You are My blessing to Myself.

You are My blessing.

Blessed are you, for you are Mine.

Love comes in many colors. Gratefulness is one. Do you feel the stream of gratefulness pouring through you right now? What color is it? I think it is silver.

Gratitude is not obligation. It is joy. It is a silver streak of joy.

It is awareness.

There are many shades of love and names for it. Gratefulness is one name. Mother love is another. Yet the love of a mother for her child cannot be separated from the love of the child for the mother. Each is grateful for the other.

Golden light shines from on high.

And My love is pure, and yet it is golden. Pure love is not colorless. It is golden. You feel that golden stream of love within you now. It is like a gasp of joy. But the gasp is repeated so it becomes a pulse of joy, a surge of joy. The joy contracts and expands. It pulls in and it goes out, and you are filled with the golden joy of God's love.

From the goldenness of My love come rubies and emeralds of love, and sapphires and garnets and opals of My love, come seashells and mother of pearl of My love, and sunlight on green leaves. My love makes an imprint on you. You are stamped: "God's love."

That is what you want to remember.

God's love streams through you. And My love is light, and light is color. And light emanates from Me. My Kingdom is a Kingdom of light, and so a rainbow is made.

How lovely of you to shine My light on earth.

I look at My light on earth in you, and I capture your heart.

My light magnetizes you to Me.

I am your Lodestone.

There is nothing but the light of My love.

What if you could believe that?

What if you would believe that?

Then you would be seeing with My vision, and you would be seeing Truth.

Do you agree that a brick is made of light, moving light? Science says so. You believe diagrams.

I say you are made of My light. I say so. You are My diagram. I wrote Me into your eyes. I drew Me in your heart. You are an embodiment of Me, no other.

You are not Creatorless. You are Creatorful.

You who are made of My light shine it. You might as well know that.

You are a pool of My light.

You radiate Me.

A Moon shines on you, and you reflect the Moon in your waters.

You came from the Sea. I made you and I made the Sea. I granted you Being. You rose from the Ocean and went onto land and there you be, bathed in My light. You do not carry My light — you are My light. You are It. On land or sea. On earth or in Heaven, you are Mine.