King of the Universe

God said:

Not only is all abundance coming to you, circling around you, ready to land, ready to alight in your heart and mind, you are abundance. You are abundance. You are My abundance that I gave to the world that seeks abundance.

The world is seeking you. It may not know that. You may not know that. But you are the light the world craves. You are the light you crave.

Abundance of Light

God said:

When there is room for all, there is no collision. Remind yourself that there is room for all, and life will rise to a higher domain.

Let this be your motto: There is room for all.

Then in life you will move over in your seat a little bit to make another welcome. You will make room in your heart.

Welcome is a wonderful thing. Everyone wants to feel welcomed. There is great joy in being welcomed. Make welcoming your joy as well.

Let this be your motto: There is enough for all. Enough of everything for all.

Know Your Abundance

God said:

When you begin to feel My love for you, you begin to feel how good I have been to you. How good your God has been to you. How blessed you are. Like the Sun and the Moon, I have followed you and bestowed upon you all manner of light. You thought you were walking in a wilderness, and now you discover that you have been walking in Paradise with a God Who loves you, a God Who created the moisture of the grape and the winding of its vine, a God Who created the arrowness of a pine tree and the shade of an elm, and put you under both. I spilled out all kinds of treasure before you.

Are You Your Brother's Keeper?

God said:

When you think about money, when you are concerned about it, you bog yourself down. Much of the time, when you think about money, you are bemoaning the lack of it. Innocently, you put yourself back into the need mode. When do you feel you have enough money, beloveds?

A Golden Waterfall

God said:

Opportunity is on your right, and opportunity is on your left. You are surrounded by opportunity. You may have to see opportunity several times before it dawns on you what you have seen. Opportunity is often a tiny bud, and you have to be wide-eyed to see it. Be observant. Look for opportunity in every nook and cranny. Look for a different vantage, and your eyes will see what they have missed before. It was always there, only you didn’t see it. It was right in front of you, and you walked right past it.

The God Bank

God said:

It is like there is a God Bank. Everyone has an account in good standing. Actually, We could say that you have an x number of accounts, all good in the God Bank. We could say you have seven accounts. We could also say you have an infinite number. We could call these accounts levels of consciousness. We could call them many things. Regardless, all you have to do is to walk in, and you will be greeted, and you will have easy access to your accounts. You will not have to register. You don’t need a password. You will not even have to sign in.

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