Abundance of Light

God said:

When there is room for all, there is no collision. Remind yourself that there is room for all, and life will rise to a higher domain.

Let this be your motto: There is room for all.

Then in life you will move over in your seat a little bit to make another welcome. You will make room in your heart.

Welcome is a wonderful thing. Everyone wants to feel welcomed. There is great joy in being welcomed. Make welcoming your joy as well.

Let this be your motto: There is enough for all. Enough of everything for all.

This way you can share. You can share wealth and you can share people and you can share joy. You can pass out joy of one kind or another and increase your own.

Let this be your motto: I have plenty, for the universe is plentiful.

When you know abundance in your inmost heart, suffering in the world is less. Joy is more. Where there is joy, suffering must be less.

Do you think that I exaggerate? Not at all. When you feel glad, gladness is spread.

All you make of life is communicated. What you give out is received. When you swim in the ocean, you splash. Even when no one is right beside you, the splash is heard and felt somewhere by someone. Little by little, you multiply in the world. Deliberately or not, you multiply yourself everywhere. You are the harbinger of the world.

You know that you are affected by another's gloom. Now let your appreciation affect another. Let joy take over. Put frowns aside.

There is a fairy tale about a princess, and the first thing she sees, she will marry. The fact is: What you see, you wed.

See more, give more.

There is not a thought nor emotion of yours that is not echoed around the world. Whether you will it or not, you are a drummer. What you drum is up to you. Be conscious of this. Be a drummer for peace. Do not dredge up old ashes.

Throw peach blossoms. Throw confetti. Throw light around. Shine My heart, for you are a lamp of My light. Remove the shade. No longer ration My light. Be a spendthrift of My light. My light is not to be saved. It is to shine. You cannot waste it. Not one lumen of My light can be wasted.

Spill My light everywhere and it will be absorbed immediately.

Why would light ever be afraid to shine on earth?

Not even clouds dampen the sun. The sun shines regardless, hidden only for a time but shining all the while. The sun's rays reach even through clouds. Light is not imperceptible.

Shine My light in a dark dungeon, and My light will break through the walls. My light will penetrate anything.

And you are the gifter of My light. My light was given you so that you may shine it. It was not given you to store. You are not to wait for a better time. There is no better time.

This is the moment you shine My light, and you shine it for all. No one is exempt from My light, and no one is immune to it. Be the first today to shine My light. Do not hesitate. Be the bright star you are today.

Perhaps no one will notice. That is all right, for you will notice.

This is My Will that you shine My light everywhere always. Today is your day to shine.