divine gifts

A Gift from God with Your Name on It

God said:

What will you make of today? What will you do with it? Consider life today your oven. What will you bake in it today?

Today does come to you, and it brings what it brings with it. It may well bring surprises for you. The day is innocent. It is not responsible for what it brings, for the day is an innocent carrier. What do you bring to the day, beloveds? As the receiver of the day, do you not have some say as to how you walk through it? Whatever the day today carries, you carry it as well. It is up to you how you greet the day and what you make of it. You can make of it what you will.

You Are Part of the Grand Design

God said:

Have reverence for life and all the Beings who share the Universe with you. Have reverence for yourself, for you too are part of the Overall Grand Design.

It Doesn't Have to Be in Words

God said:

Gratitude is simply awareness. When you look at the sky and you note that it is blue, you say: "Sky is blue." There is nothing remarkable or extraordinary in saying that. You saw the sky, and you saw it was blue. And so it is with gratitude.

Great Blessings

God said:

You would be surprised with all I have up My sleeve for you. You will be surprised. Bounteous gifts are flowing to you like rafts in a river. Be ready. Have your arms out ready to catch.

Gifts are going to reach you the way checked-on luggage revolves at the airport. Be ready to grab fast. This is not a one-time chance. Your good fortune will come around again. It's all ready for you. But why not clasp it the first time around? And then you are on your way.

Know Your Abundance

God said:

When you begin to feel My love for you, you begin to feel how good I have been to you. How good your God has been to you. How blessed you are. Like the Sun and the Moon, I have followed you and bestowed upon you all manner of light. You thought you were walking in a wilderness, and now you discover that you have been walking in Paradise with a God Who loves you, a God Who created the moisture of the grape and the winding of its vine, a God Who created the arrowness of a pine tree and the shade of an elm, and put you under both. I spilled out all kinds of treasure before you.

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