nature of God

The God Stream

God said:

I am in your DNA, and you are in Mine. That must be so, because We are indelibly One. We share a common DNA. Passed through generations, your DNA and Mine match. Of course, your DNA is identified in the world, and Mine is not. If I leave fingerprints, it is you who leaves them for Me. If I leave footprints, it is you who leaves My footprints. You who are My messengers, you do everything for Me. Thank you.

Do you really want a God Who thinks the way you do?

God said:

Sometimes you want Me to be just like you. You want a God Who gets upset with things the way you do. You want a God Who storms and rages at the unevenness in the world as you do. You want Me to rail at injustice and take a fiery stand. You want Me to be a dragon who shoots fire from his mouth wherever and whenever you want Me to, and you want Me to be a lamb with you. Fortunately, I am not a dragon. I set the world in motion. I turned the wheel of it. You are the lamb of God.

What Is God to You?

God said:

Be not attached even to My words. It is not My words that you have to know or recite. It is the love and opportunity they give you that are to be known.

My words are like an embrace of love, My arms clasping you to My breast. It is not the clasp you have to know. It is not the embrace you have to know. It is the Oneness of Our love which encompasses beyond My embrace.

A father supports his children, but the father is much more than a provider. What is beyond his working to support his family?

Movie of Your Life

God said:

What are the attributes of God? And how do you know them? What are the qualities of God? Attributeless Love surrounds you. I am the Changeless and the Unchanging, but I also become what you see. You make a picture of Me. Your life also becomes as you see it to be. Make your life and My vision become One. Enough of short-sightedness.

Seeing an inch before you is not good enough. Seeing the long past is irrelevant, for when you look at the past, you see error. When you see error, you think you have to correct it. You think you have to improve life. A little, or a lot. You think you have to.

God Is Not Santa Claus

God said:

Beloveds, I am not Santa Claus. Do not think that you can make a list, and that I will deliver everything on your list even if you have been very good? I am not going to give you a shiny red fire truck or an El Dorado every time. These are for you to deliver to yourself.

I am not a genie in a bottle who must fulfill your every whim, grant your every wish, be at your beck and call.

I am not a magic potion that will make your body young again.

Nor am I Cupid who will shoot an arrow and make someone you designate fall in love with you because that's what you want.

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