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Stop Listening to the Chicken Littles

Jona to God:

Dear God, my pro-life paper has been handed in, and one of my friends (who is my teacher's son) said that she liked it, and that he liked it too. But I have not gotten my final grade yet. I was very pleased with how it turned out. At first, I didn't think Your answer to my question would help, but I thought about it, and it did. Because love is the answer for everything in the end. So thank You.

Have Trust

God said:

I, your Father in Heaven and on Earth, have given you everything.

How is it then that you can lack confidence? Confidence I would give to you. Have it now. We commune in confidence. Now have the surety that goes along with My confidence. When I have trust in you, why do you not have trust in yourself? There are two things to be most confident in — Myself and yourSelf. In God and Self We trust.

Early Faith

God said:

You are learning to trust. Trusting is greater confidence in your own heart. It is not something out there that you have to trust in, but your own self and the Great God within.

Your life is built on trust. You put one foot down and trust that the other will follow. You put a flower in the sun and water it and trust it will grow. When you go to bed at night, you trust that you will wake up.

The Openness of Innocence

God said:

It's a good thing when you don't know what to do, when you don't know what to say or what to write. It is good because then you offer openness. When you know, or know for sure, you offer closedness. And closedness is control. Openness is not.

Of course, openness has to be true. An appearance of openness while you are sure inside that you know the answer is not openness but a manipulation of it.

Innocence is unknowing. Innocence is openness. Innocence is the greatest knowledge of all. It is a clean slate. It is openness. It is freedom.

It is not controlling.

Godwriting, Godliving

God said:

When you write My words, you do not know where they are going. But you write them anyway.

I may say, "There are three points to consider." Having no idea what the three points are, you nevertheless write down: "There are three points to consider." Boldly you write down what you hear Me say. You have trust that that is what I said, and you have trust that you heard it. You have trust enough so that you write it down.

You follow My words. You follow My thought. You follow My Will. That is Godwriting.

And this is the way to live life.

The Possibility of Faith

God said:

You who are My beloveds wander away from your belief in Me. You wander away from My love, and wonder where it has gone. You have been following kites and clouds in the sky and bouncing balls and sidewalks at your feet, and you have forgotten the wholeness that is yours to follow. You may believe I exist somewhere somehow, but you no longer believe in My ability, for you look at toys and you see nothingness and woe. You certainly have been walking on a side walk when you walk without your awareness of Me.

The Little Ribbon of Time

God said:

Something grand is before you. It is time for you to know that. Miniscule is not before you. Miniscule is behind you. That is why you must not keep returning to the past. You will miss the present. You really don't want to miss the present. The present is presented to you. I present it to you right now. I present an unopened package of wonders, and it has to be opened right away, or the moment is gone.

Entrust Yourself and Others to God

God said:

My dear children, when you want something of someone, you are expecting something from them. When you want someone to do something a certain way, or be a certain way, you are trying to control. Control opposes. It is rigidity. Control closes down. You exert control. There is a force that exerts control. Freedom is not exerted. It is allowed. The nurturing of freedom opens to Heaven.

Christ Never Asked Permission to Be a Great Light on Earth

God said:

You need ask permission of no man.

Consult with Me. That is what Christ did do.

Can you imagine My son Christ asking other people what he should do? Can you imagine his asking others whether he should go here or there, or do this or that? Can you imagine his asking a single soul whether it was the right thing to do to speak out the Truth he heard from Me? Can you conceive that he would ask even himself, "What is most propitious here?" or, "What is the smart thing to do?" or, "What will others think of me?"

Perception and Faith

God said:

Your thinking is Mine, or it is past performance. You have repeated the history of yourself time and time again. Break out. I am not suggesting that you come from the opposite, for that is also imitation. I suggest that you come from a higher realm of being. It is not your actions that you have to think of changing. It is your perception or lack of perception that keeps you in the same mold.

Rely on Me, not past habits of seeing or nonseeing.

The truth is that you want to advance. But you keep turning your head behind you, so you find yourself going in awkward circles.

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