Have Trust

God said:

I, your Father in Heaven and on Earth, have given you everything.

How is it then that you can lack confidence? Confidence I would give to you. Have it now. We commune in confidence. Now have the surety that goes along with My confidence. When I have trust in you, why do you not have trust in yourself? There are two things to be most confident in — Myself and yourSelf. In God and Self We trust.

You are worthy of My trust. I created you in trust. I have confidence, nice easy sweet confidence in you. Confidence need not to hurry, need not be proven. It is simply existent. I do not know how to not have confidence in you. I know what I see. You don't. So gain My vision and begin to know Whose child you are and grasp what that makes you, you, the Gift and Child of My Heart.

Truly, you have confidence in money and such but not so much in your holy Self, made in My image. Do you think "made in My image" was just a phrase to float off My tongue? No, "made in My image" has substance. The words reflect the truth. What other image could I make you in? You were the picture of My heart, and I published you throughout the universe. I made you a blessing for the universe, and I blessed you as well. What is it you think you are lacking? What is it you need proof of?

Is not your existence proof enough? Is not your very scratching of your head proof that there is something you are overlooking? You do not have to overlook the holiness I keep you in. Why are you surprised when you discover that you care about life and what goes on it? Why are you surprised when you discover yourself more wonderful than you had thought? You know the difference between smallness and greatness. Now you have only to make the discovery, once and for all, that you are the embodiment of greatness.

Really, now, why oh why would you imagine that I would create smallness? That takes great imagination to conceive that I would create little when I can create great? I could only create you great. When you take that thought to your bosom, you will begin to see yourself in your rightful image, and you will begin to see the world change before your very eyes.

Look at what God has created. Look not so much at what man, disbelieving in himself, has created. I knew Who and What I was when I created you. Therefore, I knew the Greatness you are destined to be. But you, considering yourself a lesser being, created less than what you were capable of. Any turmoil or dispute in the world is less than you are capable of. Much less because you are meant for greatness.

Somewhere along the line, you were taught that you could jump only so high. Now, hear My Voice exclaiming to you that there are no limits to the height you can reach. How high do you want to go? That is the only question, and to it there is only one answer, and that is high. It is not that you are to go east or west. You are to go high. You are earthborn but conceived in Heaven. What I conceive comes to pass. Why not claim your inheritance now? Why wait? What would you wait for? A change in circumstance?

Why, you are the one I have sent to change the circumstances, and by your thought, you will. You were born to greatness. There is no getting away from it. Deny it no longer. Have confidence in the God Who made you. I knew what I was doing. Now know what I made when I created you.

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You and I

I still have my downfalls. You still keep catching me. We are One. I love You.