One Father

God said:

Is there really anyone different from you? What are all these differences you believe in and perhaps extol? Why do you feel a need to stand taller than another? Do you really believe that a mere measurement of the world makes you more or someone else less?

You do not need to make perceived differences holy. If you stand on the opposite side of a fence, tear the fence down and then there will be no side to be more or less. The fences are in your mind. You built them yourself. Perhaps someone handed you the mortar, but you took it and made it yours.

When you have One Father, how can you say that all are not your brothers and sisters? That you are your brother's keeper means that you keep all beings in your heart. You excommunicate no one. If you wish to be Godlike, then be Godlike. I am a God of Embrace. I push no one away or aside. Each one of you is My favored child. Be not envious nor prideful. Neither way suits a child of Mine.

My eyes see equally. I see not the dollars nor the castles. Did you think I did? I see not the jewelry. I see not the thief nor the banker. I see not success nor failure. I see the burning embers of love in your heart as I originally placed them there. I blow on the embers of your heart and fan them to life. The love in your heart never stopped; it just wasn't uppermost in your mind.

Now you will culture the spark in your heart. Now you will reinstate the flames of love, and My love within you will reach to your ears and eyes. It will reach to the nethermost stars. You will flood the universe with love, and you will be flooded with love that buoys you upward. Is there anything else that does?

I do not love the beggar more than I love the banker. Nor do I love the beggar less. I sent both souls to the universe of man and each walks his path to Me. I object to no one's entering Heaven. I welcome all. Why would I punish anyone because his struggle is greater than another's? Why would I reward one whose path is easier? Why would a God of Love think in terms of reward and punishment, and why would you?

Think in terms of love. Grant love. There is nothing else to do with it but grant it. Imagine now your love flowing over the globe like rich sweet cream. Your love fills every crevice and sweetens the world. Or your love falls like the first winter snow, so gently covering the earth. Or your love falls like music heard everywhere. The world laps up your love.

It is My love you give. There is no other love but Mine. I am generous with My love. It is not yours to save. It is yours to pass along. You are not to set aside love or to give more here and less there. You are to give love in general, and let it fall where it may. My love through you will succor the world. My love through you is a great donation. Donate My love to the universe. I ask you to deliver My love so no one on earth is skipped over.

There are those who shake off My love, can't quite see it, and so it is up to you to make My love very clear. Yes, make sure that My love is clear and that it is clearly for all.