Many Worlds of Love

God said:

Why do you resist change so much? Is it because it just wasn't your idea? Perhaps you have forgotten that your ideas are often short-sighted. Perhaps you don't know gold when you see it. Perhaps you sometimes think that what is dross is gold, and only later do you discover that you were mistaken. Later you may recognize what is blessing and what is not. You simply do not always know at the time.

Perhaps all the turns in the road that you took and would undo now — perhaps they were wonderful. Perhaps you still don't know what they led to. But now you do know, directly or indirectly, that they led to Me, for you are here with Me now, aren't you? Wherever your body may stand, you are with Me now for I stand with you. In your heart is the only place for Me to be. The mind cannot receive Me well, but, yes, your open heart does. Your heart welcomes Me. Your heart has yearned for Me whether your mind was conscious of it or not.

Sometimes the mind is very knowledgeable about Me, and chooses its knowledge over the actuality of Me. The knowledge becomes more precious than I. But that can only be for a while. The intellect does not supercede forever.

The changes you desire are usually for more, not for less. You desire more wealth, more happiness, and yet when change in life occurs, and it was not what you had pictured, then you tend to think you were deprived. Yet you may have received a gift. Nothing can be taken away from you that is true. Only illusion can be taken away from you. And you have many illusions under the guise of logic or fact. But your logic and fact skim the surface and overlook what is deeper than the surface. Everything is always more than you think, for there are attributes and layers that you have not yet noticed.

But now you begin to notice. Just as there are worlds within worlds of the manifest, now you begin to envision the many worlds that lie beyond the manifest. The worlds within the manifest run from atoms to ants. Are not ants and all insects and animals privy to their own worlds? How much do they make of yours? And does not every Human Being live in his own world of thought?

The manifest and unmanifest are fueled by love. Love is the stream that runs through the manifest and unmanifest. And there are worlds of love, and yet love itself is Oneness. In the world, love is many things, but in truth, love is simply Oneness. Love is not many-pronged. It is complete, whole, pure and the energy of the universe and the energy of Heaven. Love is the only thing that gives and gives and never takes away. It is the energy that is never consumed. Love has no inertia, or it would not be love. Love is more than you know. Any limited idea of it has to be false. For there is no limit to love and no limit to what it can do. The only thing that you seem to believe in inalterably is limitation, and you defend it to the hilt.

Is this perhaps why you resist change that you did not consciously ask for? You have not conceived of unbidden change as love. But what if it were? What if all unbidden change is somehow love from a different universe than the one you conceive of? What if what I say is true, and your whole lifelong, you have only been blessed? Yes, you would have to see far further than you do, but what if you could accept that concept? What would you make of your life and the world then?

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The manifest and the unmanifest

This is what I understand from reading this wonderful letter:

We misjudge with our mind's evaluations, with our "logic and facts."

"Unmanifest" worlds exist beneath the "manifest" and beyond what our mind is capable of seeing.

Love unites it all, a love that is more than we know.

Everything that has been a source of our suffering, has been blessings for us that we have misunderstood and misinterpreted.

"What if what I say is true, and your whole lifelong you have only been blessed?"

"What would you make of your life and the world then?"

What would we?