Have Trust

God said:

I, your Father in Heaven and on Earth, have given you everything.

How is it then that you can lack confidence? Confidence I would give to you. Have it now. We commune in confidence. Now have the surety that goes along with My confidence. When I have trust in you, why do you not have trust in yourself? There are two things to be most confident in — Myself and yourSelf. In God and Self We trust.

In the Universe of Your Thought

God said:

You are not pushing a boulder up a mountain only to have it fall again. You are not pushing a boulder at all. Nothing blocks you from reaching the mountain top except for your own desultoriness.

You think your life is aimless, purposeless, random, and that you cannot pick yourself up from it.

You discourage yourself. You deter yourself. Change all that and become a champion of yourself. Bet on yourself.

You have made great strides. You know you are farther along than you were. You know you progress. You do not retrogress.

And you do not go around in circles.

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