In the Universe of Your Thought

God said:

You are not pushing a boulder up a mountain only to have it fall again. You are not pushing a boulder at all. Nothing blocks you from reaching the mountain top except for your own desultoriness.

You think your life is aimless, purposeless, random, and that you cannot pick yourself up from it.

You discourage yourself. You deter yourself. Change all that and become a champion of yourself. Bet on yourself.

You have made great strides. You know you are farther along than you were. You know you progress. You do not retrogress.

And you do not go around in circles.

You merely follow an unmarked path. It takes great acumen to believe in the unmarked path you follow.

There is no need to mind the signs along the way. Whatever transpires in your life transpires. What does not transpire does not. All the temporary signs are not the significance of you.

You often feel that you have not fulfilled your desires and that that somehow makes you a failure. But the sum of your life is not how many of your personal desires that you have fulfilled. How many coins in your pocket, how many accomplishments of diverse kinds, how many friends, how many successes, how much acclamation, how many seeming rewards — all that is not the making of you nor the summation of you.

Do not equate yourself so much with what goes on around you. Do not make your life into baggage that you carry around, success on one hand, failure on another. You weigh yourself down. You let tonnage, whether of success or failure, distort you. Carry nothing.

Look further and look more deeply. You have assigned burdens to yourself.

When you walk through water, you do not carry the previous water. You do not accumulate it or boast about it or bemoan it. You leave it. You keep walking into new water. You pass through it. What particular waters you pass through do not diminish you nor aggrandize you.

You paddle through life. You are the paddler. You are not the churning waters. You are not the calm waters. You are the passer through the waters. You are in the little canoe of your body, and you go to and from shore and back again. You are neither triumph nor loss. You are more.

Your life is what you make of it. Not what you do, not what comes to you, but what you think of it. It is with your thoughts that you steer your life. You have been looking at the wrong things and drawing misshapen conclusions. You have undermined yourself. What kind of companion have you been to yourself? Be a friend rather than a tormentor.

You are like the student who has written a composition with all his heart, and then you become the frowning schoolteacher who corrects it, crosses out, adds, grades.

Do not grade your life. It is not to be graded. It is to be lived. It is not to be corrected. It is to be upheld. Uphold yourself. Behold a child of Mine.

How arrogant you have been with yourself! You have made yourself impossible to please. You have gone out of your way to prove your lacks. Now go out of your way to prove your strengths. Turn the other cheek to yourself.

You are your own child as well as Mine.

Nourish yourself. Be kind, be kind. Bring yourself up with love. Feed yourself with kindness. Welcome yourself. Make room for yourself in the universe of your thought. Be an angel to yourself. As you paddle through life, pour down blessings upon yourself.